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Mom and Sons Accused of Trafficking Meth to Gwinnett

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mom sons arrested, trafficking meth

56-year-old San Juana Barrera, and her two sons, Alex Perez, 37, Cresencio Perez, 32, are charged with trafficking over 40 pounds of methamphetamines from Texas to Gwinnett, Georgia. The DEA, that was tipped off about the transfer, arrested the three as they brought the drugs in question to a house in Gwinnett on Jan. 25.

According to authorities, the mother-sons team heed 18 kilos of crystal meth and also three gallons of liquid meth in the three brought to the house, as well as 400 grams of the drug in the tires of their SUV. An undercover police officer said that they brought their mother along for the ride so they would not not be suspected, and the mother claims she had no knowledge of the drugs in the house and the car.

The DEA values the drugs at over $1 million and claims that Cresencio Perez confessed to drug trafficking. The three are all charged with drug trafficking and will be judged accordingly.

As more and more crimes are committed across the states, people are searching for a means to find the past indiscretions of those they do not know very well. The three family members that were arrested for the drug crimes will have the arrest records be made public records, and others will be able to access them. The criminal information now available by public records helps millions of people that want to know what happened in a person's past and whether they might pose a threat to them and their loved ones.


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