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Virginia Mother Locks Two of Her Children in Makeshift Cages

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Virginia Mother Locks Her Children in Makeshift Cages

Malista Ness-Hopkins, 39, from Virginia, has been arrested for putting two of her five children in makeshift cages in her home. Ness-Hopkins was arrested in July 2017 following a social workers' visit to her home. The Accomack County mom had put two of her children in cribs that were locked on the top with side rails taken from other cribs.

According to Kate Bonniwell, an Accomack County Social Services worker, it took over 20 minutes to unscrew and open the makeshift cages and that one of the children hissed at the authorities. The five children in the home were aged 1 to 6, and Ness-Hopkins claimed that she was depressed and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder following the death of her boyfriend.

According to Bonniwell, the home had trash and rotting food in it, and the children were not acting like normal children. Ness-Hopkins has pleaded guilty to five counts of child neglect these Thursday. She was released on bond five days after her arrest while 4 of her children were sent to foster care and the fifth one remains with his grandmother. Ness-Hopkins will stand trial on December following her guilty plea.


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