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New York Man Arrested for Allegedly Flashing on Subway

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George Matias Flashes Subway, Incident Exposure in New York
George Matias, 50, has been arrested for allegedly exposing himself on a New-York subway. The photo of Matias was taken by one of the passengers that he supposedly exposed himself to.

The incident took place last week on a Thursday afternoon, and it led to the arrest of Matias on charges of public lewdness. Matias was allegedly undeterred by the person photographing him, as he smiled at the camera that was snapping him.

If Matias is found guilty of the charges against him, he will likely be registered as a sex offender in every place he moves to. The registry will become a matter of public record, and people will be able to find out about his past. Finding sex offenders via a sex offender search allows people to be aware of sexual predators in their surroundings, which is especially important in places where children often go to.

In this manner, people can find out if they should take precautions whenever coming in contact with registered sex offenders, and also to protect their loved ones from possible harm.


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