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New York Man Choked and Robbed Woman, Linked to More Robberies

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New York Man Suspect of Choking and Robbing 5 Women

Donald Grier, 26, A city Parks Department employee from New York, is wanted for choking and robbing a woman earlier this month, and in relation to four other similar assaults. According to police reports, Grier allegedly grabbed the woman in a chokehold and stole her pocketbook in Astoria on August 5.

The victim, a 28-year-old woman, managed to identify Grier as her assailant. Police believe that Grier assaulted four other women in Astoria as knifepoint over the past two weeks – since July 28, but they were unable to identify him. Grier threatened the victims with a machete, and the police are searching him in relation to the five assaults.

An anonymous tipster was able to identify Grier from police description and a photo of a suspect wearing an "I Love New York" T-shirt. The victims suffered no major injuries from the attack, and police are continuing their search for Grier in New York.

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