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Parents of Texas Teen Arrested for Abusing Daughter After Refusing Arranged Marriage

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Maarib Al Hishmawi, Texas Crime News, Teen Abuse in Texas
16-year-old Maarib Al Hishmawi, a Texas high school student has been reported missing since late January. The teenager was eventually found in mid-march, and it was discovered that she had run away from her parents that have allegedly abused her.

The parents, Abdulah Fahmi Al Hishmawi, 34, and Hamdiyah Saha Al Hishmawi, 33 had allegedly tried to force Maarib to an arranged marriage with a man from a near by town in exchange for $20,000. When the teen refused they reportedly beat her with broomsticks and poured hot cooking oil on her body and face on several occasions.

After Maarib was found, authorities took her to a safe place, and so were her 5 siblings, who are under Child Protective Services custody.

Both of Maarib's parents have been arrested on Friday and face charges of continuous violence against a family member. According to the police, Al Hishmawi – the man who was set to marry the teenager, will also be likely to be charged in the case.


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