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Sentence Issued Against North Dakota Woman After Killing Pregnant Victim

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Brooke Crews Charged, Life without Parole

At 8 months pregnant, Savanna Greywind, 22, was declared missing last August only to be found dead later on by Kyakars. The young victim was wrapped in plastic, her body mutilated and her baby missing from the scene where she was found.

The suspect, Brooke Crews, 38, from North Dakota, was arrested after her boyfriend found her in their mutual home holding the missing baby and also discovering bloody clothes in the garbage. Crews was arrested later on and indicted for first degree murder on the gruesome acts she committed. At the trial, prosecutors said Crews and Greywind had an argument during which Crews knocked Greywing unconscientious and presided to cut her.

The presiding East Central District Judge Frank Racek delivered the sentence for Crews on Friday, February 2nd – life without parole. Crews' boyfriend, William Hoehn, also faces trial in relation to the case and pleads not guilty for the charges.

While Crews will spend the rest of life in prison, Hoehn might be released later on if fount not to be guilty of the charges against him. His arrest records will be public records and others will be able to access them. Such information is crucial to the public that needs to be aware of arrest records such as these, and a background check can help discover this necessary information about others.


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