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Shocking Crime Stories

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Shocking Crimes Committed! 

Criminals are not known for having good judgment, or for being logical people. While most criminals commit pretty run of the mill crimes, like robberies, assaults, and shootings, others do things that are downright bizarre. These 5 criminals committed the craziest and most shockingcrimes. You might not have heard of these crimes, however, their stories made quite the splash in their surroundings.

1. Arielle Bonnici – the pot smoking crook

We'll start you off easy with a relatively "mild" crime, but a weird one at that. 26-year-old Arielle Bonnici from Long Island was caught for marijuana possession this past May and was summoned to appear in court. A few months later, Bonnici appeared in court and got a little bored… so, she got into her car, went to the police station and parked in a “P.D. Parking Only” spot. When cops went over to Bonnici's car to tell her about her illegal parking, they were met with a cloud of weed smoke as she rolled her window down. That's right – she smoked pot while summoned on drug charges.

a car with pot smoking coming out of it
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2. Jasmine Richardson – the werewolf family killer

In 2006, 12-year-old Jasmine Richardson was transitioning from a sweet preteen to a full-blown goth girl. While a lot of kids go through this change, Jasmine's transformation had a tragic result. The young girl had been dating 23-year-old Jeremy Steinke, who believed he was to be a 300-year-old werewolf. During one fatal night, the Canadian couple went into the Richardson family home where Jasmine slashed her younger brother's throat while Steinke stabbed her parents. Jasmine had said that she committed the crimes under the influence of her "werewolf" boyfriend, and she was released in 2016 at the age of 22.

Jasmine Richardson
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3. The mystery of the incompetent hitman

Two seemingly random crimes committed in 2000 were discovered to be the handy work the same person. One day, in a quiet suburb in Huston, Texas, two housewives were killed in their home. The two victims did not know each other, had no connection, but did have one major thing in common – they were both called Mary Morris. Police investigated the matter and concluded that the husband of one of the Marries hired a hitman to kill his wife, and after accidentally killing the wrong Marry Morris, he set about to complete his work and killed the right one.

two Marry Morrises
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4. Rodney Alcala - the serial killer who won a dating contest

Rodney Alcala is one of the most prolific serial killers in America who is believed to have killed as many as 130 people between 1978-2010. In 2010 Alcala was finally captured by police and charged with a slew of heinous crimes dating back to the 70's. It turned out that during his crime spree, Alcala participated as a bachelor in The Dating Game and even won the contest.

Rodney Alcala
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5. The Good Hart Murders – a horror movie in real life

There have been countless horror movies with families that go somewhere some R&R, and end up getting picked off, one by one. One unlucky family was a part of this horror movie scenario in 1968, and their tragic death remains unsolved. The six-member Robison family went on a vacation in a cottage hidden in the woods of Blisswood Resort in Good Hart, Michigan. An unknown individual got into the resort and shot the father - Richard C. Robison. He spent the rest of the time terrorizing the rest of the family members before he shot the mother and four children. For years police suspected Richard's business partner, Joe Scalero, as the murdered, but they didn't have enough evidence to charge him. Years after the incident, Scalero committed suicide and maintained his innocence throughout the year.

the Robison family
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