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Former Super Bowl Champion Arrested for Kidnapping a Woman

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Super Bowl Champion Brandon Browner Arrested for Kidnapping

Brandon Browner, 33, from California has been arrested on Friday for allegedly kidnapping a woman and keeping her in her home against her will.

Browner, a former Oregon State player, who helped lead the New England Patriots’ to a Super Bowl XLIX win and played through five NFL seasons, was arrested on multiple charges after it was reported he held a woman in her home against her will.

According to reports, Browner, who had a previous relationship with the victim, allegedly broke into her La Verne home, and when she tried to escape, he pushed her back in. La Verne police also said that Browner physically assaulted the woman he kept captive and stole a $20,000 Rolex from her home.

After fleeing the scene, Browner was arrested by police and charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, restraining order violation and burglary.


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