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Parents Sue School District after Teacher Molested Their Son

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Arizona Teacher Brittany Zamora Arrested for Molestation

Brittany Zamora, a 27-year-old teacher from Arizona, has been arrested for allegedly molesting a 13-year-old boy and engaging in sexual relations with him. The parents of the boy seek damages from the school district for $2.5 million as they claim the incidents could have been prevented.

According to police records, Zamora has pleaded not guilty on the felony sexual charge, along with other allegations made against her. The parents of the victim claim that most of the sexual misconduct occurred after the school was alerted of Zamora's inappropriate behavior.

Three students from the Las Brisas Academy Elementary School in the West Valley area near Phoenix have spoken about the relationship between the boy and Zamora in February – a month before her arrest. The teacher was asked to stop her favorable behavior towards the child, and according to the three students, the two engaged in a 'relationship.'

According to reports, Zamora sent the boy photos of herself, naked or in lingerie, and private graphic messages on Instagram. She was arrested on March, and the parents of the victim filed a claim against the Liberty Elementary School District and sued for $2.5 million this Monday. Trial on the sexual felony charges will begin in November. 


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