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Texas Teen Kills Newborn Minutes After Giving Birth

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Newborn Baby Murder in Texas, Erica Gomez Killed her Baby
Erica Gomez, 17, of El Paso, Texas has allegedly stabbed her newborn baby to death minutes after giving birth. According to police reports, Gomez gave birth to the baby in her bathroom, stabbed it, wrapped it in a bathrobe and placed the body in a neighbor's shed.

Afterwards, Gomez went to sleep in her bed. Her mother noticed that she was bleeding and took her to the hospital where she was told she had a miscarriage. The body of the newborn baby was discovered twelve hours after the birth by a 13-year-old neighbor. Gomez was taken into custody and reportedly told the police of what happened. According to reports, Gomez did not anyone about what happened because she was scarred.

Erica was arrested and is held at the El Paso county jail on a $800,000 bond. If found guilty, Erica may face first degree murder charges, and serve time in prison. If and when she gets out, her records will become public records that will be available to others.

Those that wish to so will be able to conduct a background check on Erica and find out more about her past. In this day and age, is it very important to be able to get information about other people, especially when they committed crimes, that can affect their relationship with others.


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