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The 10 Biggest Unsolved Crimes Ever

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The 10 Biggest Unsolved Crimes Ever

Through the years, there have been many real-life mysteries or crimes that have not been able to be solved by even top detectives. Here are the ten biggest unsolved crimes till today.

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  1. The mysterious deaths of the Jamison Family

On October 8, 2009, the Jamison family – Bobby, Sherilynn and their daughter Jamison – were reported missing. They had disappeared from their truck and four years later, their bodies were discovered by hunters about 3 miles from where the truck was left. Though the cause of their deaths remains unknown, a creepy theory is that their death had something to do with the supernatural, as they had once told their pastor that their house had spirits and they used the satanic bible in attempts to make them leave.

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  1. The Sodder children disappearance

On 24 December 1945, the Sodders’ home in West Virginia caught fire. Both the parents and four kids made it out alive, but the other five kids were stuck inside. George, the father, tried many times to rescue his five children but failed every time. What was so unusual about this case is that after the fire, there were no remains of the five children to be found at all. The next day, people even reported seeing the five children at a diner.

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  1. The vanishing of the three Springfield women

On the night of June 6, 1992, Suzie Streeter and Stacy McCall went out to celebrate their graduation and went back to Streeter’s house, where Sherrill Elizabeth Levitt, her mother was waiting. The next day, on June 7, friends came to pick up the two girls for a planned trip to a water park, but the three women were nowhere to be found. Everything in the house was in its place, except for a glass lampshade from the porch light that was broken. Although there have been several anonymous calls about the women, the truth remains a mystery.

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  1. The unusual case of the lead-masked men

Back in August 1966, a little boy was flying a kite in a hill in Rio de Janeiro when he stumbled upon the bodies of two men wearing lead masks typically used for protection from radiation and waterproof coats. An empty bottle, a notebook, and two towels were found next to their bodies. Police later found that these two men were electronic technicians and deeply interested in scientific spirituality. In the notebook, a note said: “16:30 be at agreed place, 18:30 swallow capsules, after effect protect metals wait for mask signal”. Their cause of death is still unknown.

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  1. The unusual behavior of Diane Schuler

On the morning of July 26, 2009, Diane Schuler was driving with her son and daughter, and her brother’s three daughters in the car. Then, she suddenly pulled over and doubled over as if she was vomiting. She was also struggling to speak and see. She ended up in Taconic State Parkway, driving at 60 mph in the wrong way and ended up colliding with an SUV. Only Schuler’s son survived the accident. It was later found that she had a high blood alcohol level and traces of THC, although everyone who saw her before claimed she was sober.
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  1. The case of Dorothy Scott’s creepy stalker

In 1980, Dorothy Scott, a single mother kept receiving calls from an unknown number, with the caller professing his love for her and telling her things he could’ve only known if he was following her. Then one day, her car was found on fire but she was nowhere to be found. A week later, her mother started receiving frequent calls from the same person claiming that he got her. In 1984, Dorothy’s remains were found, but the killer was never found.

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  1. The disappearance of the Beaumont children

In 1966, 9-year old Jane Beaumont, and her two siblings, 7-year-old Aarna and 4-year-old Grant went to Glenelg Beach five minutes away from their home in Adelaide, Australia. Witnesses have claimed that the three kids were playing with a thin, tall, blonde man. A few hours later, a mail carrier even saw the children walking towards their home, but they never got home. What happened to them remains unknown.

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  1. The infamous Axeman of New Orleans

One of the most famous serial killers, the Axeman of New Orleans, around 1918 to 1919, would go around the city, killing people in parties, with axes from their own homes. His motives remain unknown, however, in a letter sent to the local papers, he wrote that “next Tuesday night, he was going to pass over New Orleans and if he notices any house not playing jazz music, they will get the axe”.

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  1. The mystery of The Black Dahlia

Perhaps the most famous unsolved murder, Elizabeth Short, famously known posthumously as “The Black Dahlia” was found with her corpse mutilated and wrists severed in January 1947. She was apparently an aspiring actress, and to this day, her killer or why she was killed is still not known although there have been many theories.

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  1. The murder of Ken McElroy

Ken McElroy was a resident of Skidmore, Missouri, who committed numerous felonies like child molestation, arson, and statutory rape, but he always managed to escape conviction. The town grew worried for their safety and even held meetings on how best to protect themselves. Then on July 10, 1981, while McElroy was in his truck with his wife, he was shot several times. Although there were almost 50 potential witnesses, every one of them claimed to have not seen the shooter. No charges were pressed.
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