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Top 5 Convictions in 2017

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High Profile Convictions, the Year 2017

All across the United States news stations and media outlets cover criminal cases that glue people to the T.V and newspapers. With every year that goes by, there are some high-profile cases that attract attention and heat to them, and these are the top 5 of 2017:

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1. Phil Griego – the former 69 year-old former New-Mexico state senator was convicted of 5 counts of corruption after he took a $50,000 "commission" from buyers on a property he sold. Jurors found Griego guilty of violating ethical principles of public service and he is facing nearly 18 years in prison for his crimes.

2. Edbert James III – on a sunny 2016 day, Edbert James III gunned down 26-year-old Reginald Atkinson by shooting him 10 times at a gas station in front of his wife and children. After fleeing the scene to Las-Vegas, James was tracked down, jailed and convicted of first-degree murder for his gruesome murder.

a body with blood and a man next to it

3. Brent Luyster – on July 15, 2016, the known white supremacist, Brent Luyster, killed three people in Woodland Washington. The three victims - Joseph Mark Lamar, Zachary Thompson and Janell Renee Knight were fatally shot, and though the defense team said there was not enough physical evidence against Luyster, he was convicted on three counts of aggravated murder for his crimes.

4. Richard McMillan – in a 2011 operation that was nicknamed "pills mills", McMillan ran a cross country operation that earned a whopping $10 in just one year. McMillan, an operator of a Florida pain clinic, prescribed and sold oxycodone pills to customers that distributed them to Kentucky, Ohio and other states. McMillan was convicted and sentenced to pay $600,000 and 35 years in prison.


5. Demetrius Blackwell - 37-year-old Blackwell stood trial for the murder of NYPD officer, Brian Moore in Queens Village. A tearful audience, including Moore's father and fellow officers from the 105th Precinct station house in New York, attended the reading of Blackwell's sentence – a life in prison. The arresting officers found the gun responsible for the murder in a 90-minute search, and took Blackwell into custody for the shooting on that fateful 2015 day.



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