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America's Best Unsolved Crimes!

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America's Most Famous Unsolved Crimes
While we love to hear stories of bad guys being brought to justice, the Pew Research Center reports that more than half of all crimes go unsolved. Scary! Over the centuries, the United States has racked up plenty of unsolved crimes, some with more gruesome or bizarre details than others. So, what are America's Best Unsolved Crimes? Read on to find out!

Charles C. Morgan
Charles C. Morgan was an escrow agent living in Tucson. One day in 1977 he disappeared, only to return home to his wife indicating that he couldn't talk because his throat had been painted with a hallucinogenic drug. He claimed to his wife that he was a secret agent for the federal government, which his wife had been unaware of. Two months later, he disappeared again, only to be found dead, wearing a bulletproof vest and sunglasses that did not belong to him. He had been shot in the back of his head with his own gun. In his pocket was one of his teeth, and in his underwear was a $2 bill with a Bible verse (Ecclesiastes 12:1-8) and a list of seven Spanish names. Police classified it as a suicide despite being shot in the back of the head, though many people have doubts.

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The Zodiac Killer
The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer who murdered at least five victims in Northern California starting in the late 1960s. He sent threatening letters to newspapers with details that only the killer could know and taunting the police for not identifying him. Each letter included a symbol and cryptograms. Only one of the four cryptograms have been solved to this day, and the killer's identity remains unknown. Communication from the Zodiac Killer abruptly stopped in 1974, but the case remains open.
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D.B. Cooper
The night before Thanksgiving in 1971, a man using the name "Dan Cooper" paid in cash for a one-way, 30-minute flight from Portland International Airport to Seattle. He then highjacked the plane, claiming to have a bomb in his briefcase and demanding $200,000 and four parachutes. Air traffic control contacted the authorities, and the plane circled Puget Sound for two hours while police gathered the demanded ransom. The aircraft landed to release the other passengers and refuel, and Cooper directed the crew to fly towards Mexico. Once back in the air, Cooper opened the aft door and jumped. Despite a thorough search, Cooper was never found, nor was the ransom money recovered even though the serial numbers were widely published and there was offer of reward.
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The Jamison Family
Bobby and Sherilyn Jamison vanished with their six-year-old daughter in 2009, supposedly while looking to buy a plot of land in Oklahoma. Their remains were found four years later, but police still do not have a cause of death. Theories include that the family faked their own deaths, were murdered, committed group suicide as part of a cult, or were in witness protection. The couple had been exhibiting increasingly bizarre behavior apparently before their disappearance, repeatedly telling their pastor that spirits were in their home and that they were using a "satanic bible" to try to exorcise them. A shipping container at their home had strange messages scrawled on it, including "3 cats killed to date buy people in this area . . . Witches don't like there black cat killed" (sic). Nobody knows what actually happened to this family to this day.


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