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Village Restaurant Robbed by an Armed Man

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Chicago Armed Robbery, Suspect Arrested

The Chicago police reported about the arrest of Cordney McLeod, 29, after he robbed a restaurant in the Southwest Side Little Village. According to reports, McLeod entered the restaurant at 2:30 p.m and implied that he had a weapon on his person.

Following the armed threat, McLeod demanded to receive property from the 18-year-old man and 20-year-old woman employers working that day. After receiving the property he had demanded, McLeod ran out of the restaurant and got into a grey-colored vehicle waiting at the scene.

Police were able to take McLeod into custody after they found him, and he is currently held without bond at the Cook County Jail. McLeod is being charged for a misdemeanor count of criminal trespass to real property and felony counts of armed robbery and armed habitual criminal. A court date for his case is scheduled on Feb. 8.

McLeod will likely be found guilty of the charges against him, and will face time in prison for his crimes. After he is released, McLeod's criminal records will be public records that are accessible to the public. The important information about his past will help those around McLeod to find out what lies in his past, especially in cases he decides where he decides to conceal his past from others.



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