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California Woman Followed and Stabbed a Man Who Exposed Himself

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California Woman Stabs Man Who Exposed Himself to Her

Cynthia Christine Molina, 51, from California was arrested for assaulting and stabbing a man in the back, according to police reports. Molina was arrested on Wednesday after a man called the police and reported she had stabbed him in the back several times.

What appeared to be a random act of violence turned out to be premeditated, as police discovered during their investigation. According to reports, the man, 28, who was stabbed, called the police at 12:30 p.m. and reported about the stabbing that occurred on West Brockton Avenue.

After inspecting a surveillance video from a camera located in the area in question, police identified Molina and arrested her. During Molina's investigation, police discovered that she and the 28-year-old man were at Jennie Davis Park earlier that day, and that he exposed himself to her.

Molina then followed the man for 15 minutes and stabbed him, as he claimed. The unidentified man will face indecent exposure charges while Molina will likely be charged with assault.

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