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Woman Accused of Stealing Cash and Jewelry Worth $70K

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Miami Woman Kira White Arrested for Stealing 70K Jewelry

Kira White, 23, has been arrested for allegedly stealing 70$K in cash and jewelry from a man she met at a Miami bar two weeks ago. According to police reports, the Miami resident was at a Blue Martini bar when she was approached by Israel Sosa, a visitor from New Jersey.

After having a few drinks together, the two went to Sosa's hotel room to have additional drinks, and there, according to the victim, White robbed him. After having several drinks, Sosa fell asleep, and when he woke up he noticed that a $30,000 Rolex he had on top of a towel was missing, along with a $30,000 gold chain, a $5,000 gold medallion and $5,000 in cash.

Sosa called the police and notified them of what happened on June 16th, the day of the alleged robbery. Surveillance video from the hotel showed White on the elevator, holding a towel while she was leaving the hotel on the night she met Sosa. The footage, along with witness accounts from employees at the bar, who recognized White's tattoos, helped police identify her.

White is currently in custody and was charged with grand theft over the incident involving Sosa.


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