3 years ago

Michigan Student Accused of Shooting Parents

James Eric Davis, 19 - a Michigan student is accused of shooting his parents early Friday morning. Davis allegedly fled the scene of the crime on foot, but was later caught by police that were called to the campus.

3 years ago

Gerogia Man Caught Trafficking Ammo and Guns to NY

Anthony Clark, 31, from Georgia, was arrested for trafficking guns from Atlanta to New York after the NYPD found a small arsenal of weapons in his vehicle. The police was tipped of about the trafficking, and stopped Clark while he was driving in Staten Island.

3 years ago

Men Charged for Murder of 15-Month-Old

Tameke Wright, 22, and Lavar Harris, 37, have been charged with the murder of a 15-month-old toddler that was under their care. After examination of the body, it was determined that the toddler died from a blunt force trauma, which left to the charges.

3 years ago

Wisconsin Teen Arrested for Setting House on Fire

Elijah Dvorak, 18, from Janesville, Wisconsin has allegedly set a house on fire before leaving it to burn. Investigation led to police believing Dvorak is at fault for the arson, and the investigation is ongoing.

3 years ago

Massachusetts Man Stabs Woman to Death in Library

Jeffery Yao, 23, has been charged with the murder of a 23-year-old woman he stabbed to death using a hunting knife in a Massachusetts library. Yao has also allegedly stabbed a 77-year-old man who tried to help the young victim.

3 years ago

Arizona Couple Arrested for Abusing Adopted Children

Benito Gutierrez and Carol Gutierrez have been allegedly abusing their 4 adopted children in Tucson, Arizona. Charges were brought against the couple after one of the children managed to escape through a window and get help.

3 years ago

Teen in Texas Accused of Plotting to Hijack her Father

Susan Mize, 17, Texas is currently held at bond after deputies learned that she was allegedly the master mind behind a plan to hijack her father that she carried out with two other teens, one of which is still at large.

3 years ago

A Review of American Crime History

Crime rates in America have reportedly dropped over the years, but is it really so? This review of American crime history sheds light on the subjects and reveales whether crime rates in the nation have really gone down over the years.

3 years ago

5 Major Crimes that Shocked America

Major crimes can shock any person who hears about them, and some of these crimes have been written down in American history. These are the 5 most shocking major crimes in America that resonate to this very day, and will never be forgotten.


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