3 years ago

Top 5 Convictions in 2017

The United States is no stranger to crime, and 2017 was not different in that area. From murders to Frauds, these are the top 5 most high profile convictions of the past year.

3 years ago

Indianapolis Woman Arrested for Theft, Fraud and Forgery

Marissa Reeder, an Indianapolis home health care worker, has been arrested for fraud, theft and forgery charges after the son of an elderly patient complained to the police that there was money missing from his bank account.

3 years ago

Man Charged with Armed Robbery of M&T Bank in Montgomery

Benjamin Hansberger, 28, of Frederick, Maryland has been charged for an armed M&T bank robbery after surveillance videos helped to identify him by his clothing. Hansberger is being held without bail in Montgomery pending further investigation and a possible trial.

3 years ago

Missouri Man Indicted for Child Pornography

William Hopmeier, 47, from Des Peres, St. Louis has been indicted for several counts of child pornography after recording several sexual encounters with minors. Police were tipped off about Hopmeier's actions, which led to his arrest and indictment for child pornography.

3 years ago

Man from Kansas Accused of Trying to Buy 11-year-old Girl

Ernest Merle Anziana, 48, has been accused of trying to buy an 11-year-old girl for 250$ and meth in order to marry and impregnate her. Anziana is now waiting extradition to Kentucky from Kansas where he will stand trial for the charges against him.

3 years ago

Couple Allegedly Stole $49k from Disabled Relative

odd McKinney, 47, and wife, Mythi Ly-McKinney, 50 from New Jersey have allegedly taken advantage of their access to Ly-McKinney's 79-year-old godfather's account and stole $49k from his account by falsifying checks written to their business.

3 years ago

Police Arrest Man with Crack Cocaine in His Pants

Boston detectives arrested Kemar Dwight Martin for driving without a license and for having a broken rear light. After bringing him into police custody, the detectives found more than 20 grams of crack and cocaine in Martin's pants and arrested him for the vehicle violations and also for drug possession.

3 years ago

Village Restaurant Robbed by an Armed Man

Cordney McLeod, 29, has been arrested after robbing a restaurant in the Southwest Side Little Village in Chicago, and is now awaiting a court hearing on Feb. 8 to determine his sentencing.

3 years ago

Couple in Texas Charged for Sex Trafficking a Minor

After being declared missing, a young teenager has been found and a a couple from Texas has been charged with selling her to two families for sex. The couple has denied the allegations and are now awaiting trial.


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