2 years ago

Village Restaurant Robbed by an Armed Man

Cordney McLeod, 29, has been arrested after robbing a restaurant in the Southwest Side Little Village in Chicago, and is now awaiting a court hearing on Feb. 8 to determine his sentencing.

2 years ago

Couple in Texas Charged for Sex Trafficking a Minor

After being declared missing, a young teenager has been found and a a couple from Texas has been charged with selling her to two families for sex. The couple has denied the allegations and are now awaiting trial.

2 years ago

Most Wanted Man Held Without Bail After Police Find Him in a Drawer

After years of being on the FBI's most wanted list, alleged gang leader Steven C. Touch, has been arrested after police found him in a bed side drawer. Touch is facing criminal charges from 2012 after he allegedly took part in a home invasion that cost Quintin Koehler, a 22 year old man, his life.

2 years ago

10 Worst Celebrity Crimes

Celebrities are larger than life, they are famous and they have fan followings and it is easy to forget that they are only human. But, celebrities too have their fair share of faults and failings and yes, some even have criminal records. Let us take a look at ten of the worst crimes committed by famous people.

2 years ago

Sexual Harassments - Is it Over?

Sexual harassment has been a controversial topic over the years. The misconduct with women is, unfortunately, not restricted to a specific culture, a person or a country. It is a widespread issue that has not been given the serious thought it needs. Sexual harassment episodes are on fire whenever an incident is reported. But, that's just about it. Other than a few status updates on social media, sexual harassment is a topic that dies away and the sex offenders are left to their own devices more often than not.

2 years ago

The 10 Worst Hate Crimes

Hate crimes are crimes against humanity. Another name for a hate crime is a bias-motivated crime. Criminal acts of violence that are directed at people for reasons related to race, sex, color, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and so on are classified as hate crimes. Violence against victims of hate crimes ranges from physical assault to verbal insults, property damage, harassment, and even murder. Perpetrators of hate crimes often resort to bullying in an attempt to intimidate and emotionally hurt the victim. According to the FBI, a total of 6,121 hate crimes were committed in the year 2016 in the United States.

2 years ago

How the Police Find the Bad Guys

After committing a crime, criminals try to get out of the crime scene as soon as possible. More experienced criminals are very clever at covering their tracks to make sure that they don’t get caught. There is, however, always a trail and it takes an even smarter police detective to sniff it out and catch the bad guy. At the training academy, police learn a trick or two to track down criminals but the real talent lies in instinct and experience. Here we look at some of the many ways that cops investigate crimes and find the offender.

2 years ago

The 5 Worst 90s Criminals

The 1990's were no stranger to crime and had seen its fair share of particularly heinous acts. The people behind these crimes were some of the worst criminals in history. While some might have claimed insanity, others had downright meticulously planned their deeds. Here is a list of five of the most notorious criminals of the nineties and the crimes they committed.


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