2 years ago

Oklahoma Teen Who Killed Family Faces Trial

Michael Bever, 19, of Tulsa Oklahoma, is facing trial after killing his family in July of 2015. The teen is scheduled to stand in court this upcoming Monday after he has been accused of stabbing and killing his parents and three of his younger siblings three years ago

2 years ago

Virginia Woman Arrested for Beheading her Boyfriend

Roena Cheryl Mills, 41, has allegedly beheaded her boyfriend - 29-year-old Bo White, on April 1. According to reports, upon her arrest, mills told that they "have to take me back and let me get my heads." Mills is currently held on on a $210,000 cash only bond.

2 years ago

Man Stabs 4 People in an Indianapolis Crowd

Gary Madison, 57, has been arrested after he reportedly stabbed 4 people, including himself, in an incident in Indianapolis after a crowd of people asked him to stop playing a bullhorn.

2 years ago

Chicago Man Arrested for Slashing Woman's Face

Deandre Cavaness, 36, from Chicago is allegedly the man who slashed a woman across the face at a bus station. The 54-year-old victim called the police who then identified Cavaness as the man who attacked her.

2 years ago

Illinois Man Charged with Abduction and Murder

Lynn Washington, 40, has been charged for the first degree murder of Lakisha Roby early Wednesday morning, and also for the parental abduction of Roby's two children after the alleged murder.

2 years ago

Man Found in Mexico with Missing Teenager

Amy Yu has been missing since March 5, and has recently been located in Mexico. The 16-year-old was found with 45-year-old Kevin Esterly who has since been arrested and is due to be charged as soon as he returns to the USA.

2 years ago

Missouri Woman Charged with the Murder of Police Officer

Tammy Dee Widger, 37, has been charged with second degree murder after officer Christopher Ryan Morton was killed in her home. The officer arrived to the wrong address, and was found dead after reinforcement arrived at the scene.


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