4 months ago

Dating Rules for Ladies

Dating rules for girls. Here are tips on dating for girls. Things you should and should not do when dating.

5 months ago

How to Handle a Player and Come Out on Top

Dating is hard enough without finding out the person you are going out with is a major player. If you discover that you are dating a player, here is how you can handle the situation and come out on top.

6 months ago

Why Run an Online Dating Background Check?

Online dating is a great way to meet new people and maybe a long-term relationship, but before you go on your next online date, read this information that could save you from dangerous situations.

6 months ago

7 tips for getting over a breakup

Breaking up is hard to do, and it's even harder to get over a relationship that ended. To make it through the other end in one piece, you need to remember these 7 tips for breaking up that will do the trick.

6 months ago

9 Reasons Dating Has Changed Over the Years

Today's dating habits are a lot different than they used to be, and for many reasons. Find out the reasons dating has changed over the past few decades and how it affects us all.

6 months ago

How to Break Up on Good Terms from Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Deciding to end a relationship is hard all on its own, but then comes the actual breakup that is even harder. If you want to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend on good terms, these are the tips you need to follow and will help you get through a hard time.

6 months ago

Top Dating Spots in NYC

If you live in New York City and want to find out the best dating spots the city has to offer, look no further! These top five spots in NYC are perfect for first dates, second dates and five year anniversaries, and you will absolutely fall in love with them.

6 months ago

What is Monogamy?

Monogamy seems like the most natural form of a relationship these days, but it's interesting to see how it developed over the years from our ancestors to the modern day couples.

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