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10 Cool Couple's Activities

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10 Cool Couple's Activities

 Thinking about how to make things exciting with your partner? Bored of the old dinner and movie dates? Well, here’s a list of 10 cool things that will add that fun element to your relationship and make your connection even stronger!

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  • Cook meals together

One of the best ways to bond with your partner is to cook a meal together. So, take out that cookbook and pull out the bowls and mixing spoons, it is time to adorn your kitchen aprons. On a serious note, make it a monthly ritual to cook dinner on a chosen night. This is one of the best ways to unwind and also enjoy a simple, comforting meal over a conversation.

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  • Try your partner’s hobby

Nobody is saying that you make it your own hobby. But, just trying out your partner’s hobby might add a new and exciting dimension to your relationship. It will definitely help you to be more understanding towards your partner.


  • Workout together

Yet another fun thing to do with your partner is to exercise together. Being workout buddies will give you more time to bond and also keep you both in good shape!


  • Redecorate your living space

Choose a room in your home and redecorate it together. And you don’t necessarily need to do much. Just repainting the walls or adding a few pieces of art décor will do the trick. The idea is to enjoy an activity that requires creativity and joint decision making.

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  • Take walks together

Have you ever thought about exploring the entire neighborhood with your partner? Probably not. Well, why not pick a random road every week and take a long walk while having a relaxed conversation? Taking walks together will give you the opportunity to observe and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature and boost your mood as well!


  • Play childhood board-games

This may sound absolutely silly, but playing a favorite childhood board game with your partner, such as scrabble or monopoly, will end up being a lot of fun! The activity will distract you both from the nitty-gritty of daily life while also strengthening your bond. Choose a night each week and call it ‘game night’. If board games are not your thing, you could also play video games together!

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  • Unwind together

It is not really a guy thing to spend time at the spa, even if they are free. But the lady might be able to convince her man to enjoy a spa day at home with her. And if a spa is not the most appealing idea, you could also spend time listening to relaxing music, while sitting on a couch and reading or taking a nap together. The idea is to just unwind with your partner, regardless of the activity.

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  • Go on a mid-week lunch date

Are you and your spouse always caught up with work? Well, then this idea is perfect for you. How about catching up with your partner for a quick lunch date during the week? It is a good idea to catch up with each other and connect over a meal at your favorite restaurant!

  • Go for a trip

Grab your suitcases and venture out for a weekend getaway or even a long trip if possible. Studies suggest that romantic trips are excellent for rejuvenation and bonding. You need to move out of the familiar space every now and then.


  • See old pictures together

Take out a few old albums from your closet and sit together to see the photographs from your past, the time when you first started seeing each other. This activity is a great way to rekindle the romance in your relationship.



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