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15 Signs He/She is Not into You

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15 Signs He/She is Not into You

 You have met someone new, you really like them, everything is going great for a while and then things start to fizzle. Here are fifteen tips to help you recognize the signs that he or she is just not into you:



Fewer calls and texts: You two go from chatting or texting for hours every day to barely having any communication at all. It is possible that something really might have come up at work or he or she may not have been well, but if it continues for a long time, assume that that person has lost interest.

Too busy to meet: Earlier you would meet regularly and he or she enjoyed spending time with you but now they are always too busy to meet.

Only meet in a group: They finally agree to meet but you realize that there are other people there as well and this is definitely not a date.

Talks about other people with you: The last thing you want to hear about from a guy or girl you like is their feelings for someone else; this is no doubt a deal breaker.

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Flirts with other people: If they openly flirt with other people in front of you, they are clearly not interested in a relationship with you.


They like you “but”: They say they really like you but there is always some reason why they can’t commit; they’re not ready, they’re not the settling down type, and so on.

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They are not jealous if you meet other people: They are unfazed if you bump into an old friend of the opposite sex or even an ex and there is some chemistry there.


They try to set you up with someone else: Out of the blue, they tell you that they know someone who would be perfect for you.

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They don’t ask about you anymore: They will still talk to you but it’s always about themselves.

You are always the one calling or texting: They never take the initiative to text or call first.

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He or she flirts with everybody: Sure, he or she flirts with you, but then again they flirt with everybody the same way.

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They avoid going on dates: They make excuses every time you ask them out on a date.

They like you just as a friend: They keep stressing what a good “friend” you are and avoid any dating plans.

They try to get you to stop meeting them: They do things you don’t like in the hope that you will stop meeting them.

They tell you outright that they’re not interested: This is actually a good thing and could save a lot of time and effort. Believe them when they say they are not interested and move on.



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