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4 Ways to Avoid Friend Zone

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4 Ways to Avoid Friend Zone

It can be extremely heart-breaking to be friend-zoned after the first date. The friend zone is the most terrible place to be in if you have romantic feelings for someone because your love interest perceives you only as a friend. This can shatter all your hopes for forging a serious relationship with the person in the blink of an eye.

It's often the lack of communication from the opposite sex about his or her intentions that puts you in a friend zone. So it's pretty sure you don't want to go through such a situation when you are interested in dating someone. 


Here are a few ways you can avoid being friend-zoned:

Be very clear about what you want

There's nothing wrong with being upfront about your desires and expectations. Instead of being scared of losing a date, you should be clearly telling the person what you are looking for, whether it's a committed relationship or a one-night-stand. You can very well find someone else if he or she is not interested in what you want. This proves to be an honest trade for both of you because it saves you the guilt of rejecting him or her after the first meeting.

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Start feeling and becoming attractive

Your unattractiveness could be one of the reasons why you land up being friend zoned by your date. It does not mean that you are ugly or something, but something about you may not strike the other person. So you need to start becoming attractive not only physically but also psychologically. You can buy new clothing, shape your body better, and improve your body language. You should start feeling positive about your self so that you exude confidence.

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Flirt sometimes

There's absolutely nothing wrong in flirting with your love interest at times. It's fun because it lets the person know very subtly that you are interested in him or her. When you are out on a date, make sure you compliment them if they deserve it. It will make him or her feel special. You can even flirt with him or her a little after the date over text messages.

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Be interesting and engaging

If you really wish to win the other person's heart, you need to engage her. Don't bring up topics like politics or history or anything else for that matter if you feel he or she would find it boring. It could simply ruin the mood completely. You should, instead, try knowing more about him or her so that you can carry on the conversation. Ask unique questions that make them think. This will make them interested in talking to you again, and perhaps take things forward.

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