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5 Things You Can Learn About Your Date From Social Media

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5 Things You Can Learn About Your Date From Social Media

Meeting new people online has become a way of life in this day and age of social media. Dating apps and group forums help you to get in touch with people of similar interests as yourself allowing you to form new friendships or even something more.

What happens if you do meet someone online whom you like and decide to meet with? You want to know more about that person but don’t know whom to ask. Luckily for you, that person has uploaded a wealth of information about him or herself onto social media. With a little careful inspection of that person’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account, you can learn a whole lot about them.

Five things you can learn about a person from social media


  1. Family background: Most people post pictures of friends and family on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. By looking at the pictures a potential date has shared, you can learn a lot about their family- parents, siblings, and even pets. You could also learn about friends, common friends, and even about an ex (if there was one) from looking at the pictures.
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  3. Hobbies and interests: If the person you are going on a date with likes to go mountain climbing, then you can be guaranteed to find posts and pictures of their mountain climbing adventures. Same is the case if they love music or volunteer at an orphanage. There would always be some evidence of their hobbies and interests on their social media pages.
  4. Political views: Twitter is a good one for this. You want to be compatible with the person you are meeting and one point that can sour relationship rather quickly is opposing political views. With a little bit of digging, you will be able to find out not only if the person is interested in politics or not but if their views are on par or conflicting with yours. This could help decide what topics to steer clear of or avoid meeting the person altogether.
  5. Preferences: Is he or she vegan, vegetarian or a hardcore carnivore. Do they like to party or stay in, do they drink alcohol or prefer soft drinks….There is so much you can glean about a person’s preferences from their social media feeds. You could gain valuable information about whether or not this person is a good match for you and if yes, then what would be a good place to meet.
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  7. The person in real: And finally, the most important thing you can learn from your potential date’s social media is if they are a real person or not. There is a chance you are being cat-fished, but if their social media platforms show healthy signs of real life, you should be OK.
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