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5 Ways to Light Up Things in Bed

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5 Ways to Light Up Things in Bed

 Your bedroom should be the most exciting place in your entire house. But if this isn’t the case, it’s time to take some serious action. While 50 Shades of Grey is definitely an entertaining read, we don’t recommend you read it for sexual advice (unless, of course, you’re into S&M).

To start an instantaneous fire in the bedroom, you need some tried-and-tested kinky advice from real men and women (not pseudo-Twilight characters born out of a hyperactive imagination). So, without further ado, here are some tips and tricks to help you turn up the heat in bed:

  • Say hello to new positions

While the good-old missionary is the go-to position for most couples, it isn’t the only one worth trying. So, unless you want to make it a boring ritual that you just put up with, we suggest you try some wild and not-so-wild positions.

The flatiron, the butterfly, the rusty trombone are some great examples of positions that you could try. The best part about this is that each position has multiple variations and you can experiment with them till you find something that works for you. A word of caution, not all positions are ideal for everyone. Check your flexibility before you indulge.

But remember not to stick to a position for too long. Even the wildest of sex positions can get too tame and boring if you do it too often.

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  • Play acting works

Most people keep away from play acting as they feel it makes them look like porn stars. Well, we’re here to bust this belief. True, play acting, if done wrong, can be awkward, weird, and highly uncomfortable for all involved. But, if done right, it can bring back the passion of your early days as a lover.

If you’re new to play acting, start with something simple. Say, personal trainer-and-trainee or masseuse-and-client. Once you’re used to the concept, try out characters from favorite movies, books, fanfiction even. You can even pretend to be a different person/character and create your very own backstory.


  • Switch it up place-wise

Most couples stick to the same routine – bedroom, bathroom, and living room (maybe). Things are bound to get boring at some point. Instead, why not try getting your freak on in an unconventional place?

If cramped spaces don’t hinder your style, you could have at it in your car or how about on the staircase (ouch?) or even on the couch?

But for god’s sake, don’t get started in public. First off, that’s illegal in most countries and second, it’s super creepy. You can do a lot within the confines of your house. So stick to it.

  • Fantasy dress-ups are great monotony-breakers

From slutty lingerie to sexy nurse outfits, there’s a lot that you can do with clothing. In fact, when it comes to apparel sales, sexy lingerie tops the chart for being the most purchased.

When purchasing clothes for your steamy night, choose clothes that are comfortable to the touch (for both you and your partner) and which compliment your body. Lace, silk and see-through outfits are great options. Visiting a lingerie store and getting some professional help works wonders. There are also online sites which rent/sell sexy lingerie.

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  • Toys are in

First things first, sex toys aren’t just for the single and the kinky; they’re for everybody. Now that we’ve established this, let’s continue. Dildos, vibrators, and vibrating panties are great options for women. For the gentlemen, lubricants, fleshlights, and prostate massagers are some good options.

These days, you have plenty of toys for couples, like the couples vibrators, oral sex toys, massage oils, costumes, and sex toy starter kits. Just order one online and get started. Many websites sell sex toys in convenient and discrete packaging.

So, now that you’re privy to these secrets, go ahead and try your hand at them.



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