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People Who Met Online and Things Didn’t End Up Well

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People Who Met Online and Things Didn’t End Up Well

We’ve all been warned about the dangers of online dating and being catfished. There has even been several successful movies that have been based on the very same premise. Online dating is not only dangerous but it can also be a big waste of time. Dating is already a messy business. Adding a virtual stranger to the mix is only asking for more trouble. Here are six stories about online dating that will give you second thoughts about picking the Internet as your dating platform. These stories will definitely feed your paranoia.

  1. Married People

When you’re dating online, you might end up meeting someone who’s already in a relationship.

After knowing a girl online for a couple of weeks, a man decided to take things to the next level and actually meet. They decided to go on a hiking date. At first, the girl only wanted to communicate using the dating site or via emails, which seemed a bit weird, but the man went along with it anyway because he really liked her and she seemed like a good person.

Thirty minutes after their hiking date began, he discovered the real reason behind why she wouldn’t use other methods to communicate – she was married. To make matter even worse, he also found out that her spouse is actually a gun-collecting, jealous, hunter! No wonder she wanted to leave him.

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  1. Scary People

Online dating can introduce you to some truly shady people. A woman met this seemingly ‘nice’ guy online and ended up going on a few dates with him. On one particular date, he asked whether she would like to go see his apartment and she agreed. Turns out, he was a machete and sword collector! He took things a step further and decided to hold a sword to her throat to showcase their strength.

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  1. Fake People

People can easily pretend to be someone they’re not when making an online dating profile. There’s no real way you can know whether they’re telling the truth or not. One man met a girl online who told him that she was a blonde woman who was 24. He arrived at their date all excited only to find that he was being catfished. The “supposedly” 24-year-old blonde was actually a 40-year-old mother who just needed an excuse to get out of her house.


  1. Anonymous People

Some people are hesitant about talking through their online dating profiles, so they make someone else do it for them. Which is exactly what happened to this guy who met a really witty and funny girl online with a lot of piercings. The moment they met for their first date, he realized that she wasn’t the person he had been communicating with. It was actually her roommate who had been replying to all his messages. He decided to look past that. But then came another surprise – her nose ring wasn't a piercing at all! Instead, it was actually a wart! To make matters even worse, she went on to pick off the toppings from the pizza that the man had ordered.
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