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Top Dating Spots in NYC

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The Best Dating Spots and Restaurants in New York City

It's no wonder that people keep referring to New York City as the cultural center of the world with all that it has to offer visitors and residents. The ever-evolving city has more things to do in it than some countries do, which makes it the perfect place for dating. Whether you're in a long-term relationship or about to go out with someone you like for the first time, these are the top spots you have to try. The city has many more places to offer lovers, but these special places make for a perfect date that the both of you will remember.

1. Le Boudoir, Brooklyn

best dating spots in NYC - Le Boudoir, Brooklyn

Cocktails are the perfect way to celebrate your couplehood and also the ultimate drinks for first dates. Besides the fact the Le Boudoir serves cocktails that are no less than perfect, it also offers a unique wining and dining experience. The cocktail bar is built underground and to get to it, you and your date will need to open a hidden door that will lead you to the beautiful room designed after Marie Antoinette’s chambers. You can't get a better ambiance for a sexy date with your other half, or other half in the making.

2. Old City Hall subway station - The downtown 6 train from Brooklyn Bridge

best dating spots in NYC - Old City Hall subway station - The downtown 6 train from Brooklyn Bridge

Alcohol isn’t everyone's first choice for a date, so if you're looking for a truly romantic spot, don't go further than the downtown 6 train from Brooklyn Bridge. Unlike other subway stations, the downtown 6 train from Brooklyn Bridge has no trains that going through it. The beautiful spot hasn't been in service since 1945, and it offers a fascinating look into New York's past charm. The station is adorned with tiled ceilings, large skylights, brass chandeliers and other surprises that will make you fall in love with this romantic spot.

3. Zadie's Oyster Room - East Village

best dating spots in NYC - Zadie's Oyster Room - East Village
Source: Instagram/zadiesoysterroom

There's nothing like a good meal on a date, and at Zadie's Oyster Room, that's precisely what you'll get. The beautifully styled restaurant serves up oysters baked in brown butter with smoked kelp, cured egg yolk, and prosciutto cotto along with other tasty treats. The background music in light-rock tones will get your taste buds and heart racing, so you'll have the perfect date package in one place.

4. Barboncino - Crown Heights

best dating spots in NYC - Barboncino - Crown Heights
Source: Instagram/

Barboncino is one of New York's best-kept secrets, and your date will love you just for bringing them here. The low-key restaurant offers fresh Italian food with amazing pizzas that are baked in a wood-burning oven. The intimate spot is perfect for those of you who don't like table dinner spots for first dates, and you can be sure that you'll be back to Barboncino on your own time and time again.  

5. Saraghina - Bed Stuy

best dating spots in NYC - Saraghina - Bed Stuy
Source: Instagram/saraghinabrooklyn

Another great and low-key spot for a perfect NYC date is Saraghina – a bakery/restaurant/pizzeria/tapas bar. The long menus have something for everyone, so you can't fail if you bring your date to Saraghina. In the beautiful and down to earth eatery, you can enjoy a cold drink along with hot and fresh food made at the highest level and with the freshest ingredients. A must dating spot in NYC.


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