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Dating Rules for Ladies

by Rachel Greene

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10 Dating Rules for Ladies

Ladies, if the man makes an effort, you don’t take him for granted. If there are dating rules for men, there are for women, as well. But for women, the game is slightly different: her dating life evolves as she gets older. Here, are top 10 dating rules for women who are looking for a concrete relationship. 

dating rules for girls

Women have it no easier than men, they have rules too

1.    Less is more: Not to take a hit on feminism, but when it comes to dating, less is always more. Men like an air of mystery. Don’t go so far as to become an impossible scavenger hunt, but don’t put everything on the table at the same time. It is all about balance. You could probably keep the pictures of your adorable niece to yourself on the first date.

2.    Don’t expect him to sweep you off your feet: You are meeting the guy to get to know him not to be impressed by what he is capable of. Most guys who are into you might just take you out to quaint place or a dive bar to see your reaction. If you’re cool with it, he has a winner.

3.    Put away the Spanish Inquisition for another time: Women love getting into the details but, ladies put a hold on the questions. A date should not feel like a Q&A session. Allow him to talk about his interest. At the same time, don’t force him to steer the direction of the evening.

4.    Reach out for the bill: He asked you on a date, so shouldn’t he pay? When women all over the world are fighting for equal rights, it is criminal to assume that the guy will get the bill. He might not let you pay for it, but offering to split the check goes a long way.

dating rules for girls

5.    A date is a perfect cheat meal day: Men appreciate women who can have a wholesome meal apart from salads. Someone who eats a salad for dinner is no fun at all. If you’re genuinely interested in the guy, it is unnecessary to avoid the burger.

6.    Walk in with confidence: Confidence is sexy. Men like to be around women who can carry their own weight. First dates oscillated between awkward and very awkward, but when you change it up, he will surely call for a second date.

7.     Men aren't mind-readers: No matter what stage of the relationship you’re at, men simply can’t read your mind. Be honest about your feelings and say what you’re thinking. Men who respond positively to a strong opinion are keepers.

8.    Wear your comfort: Not to say that you don't make an effort to doll up, but an awesome personality is more memorable than a pretty face. No guy has ever complained about whether you're wearing jeans or a skirt, heels or flats. But, dress appropriately: if you're going dancing, wear comfortable shoes.

9.    Keep from discussing everything about him with your girlfriends: Girls tell each other everything which makes it worse for guys. You don’t have to share the minutes of your date with your friends. Their analysis doesn’t trump your gut feeling. Don’t risk the chance of losing a great guy because your friends were overly critical of him.

10.  Chances are you aren’t exclusive unless he says otherwise: The guy is probably dating other people unless he commits to beings exclusive. There is nothing wrong with it. You should take this time to get to know others as well. Don’t agree to a second date just because he was nice.

Women may be complicated, but we sure know what we want. Be yourself and let your hair down on your date.

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