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Holiday Season Dating Tips

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Holiday Season Dating Tips

With the Holiday season nearing, you might be feeling a bit left amidst all the couples holding hands and walking down the street. Well, there is no reason to feel let down because just a few simple tips can put you on the dating radar in a jiffy!

  • Revamp your Internet dating profile

When was the last time you updated your profile on a dating app or online dating forum? The holiday season is the perfect time to tidy up your dating profile as there may be others like you looking for some romance in the winter. But make sure that you don’t write any false information, otherwise, you would probably be stranded after the first date itself. And a picture in a nice leather jacket never hurts!


  • Be prepared for gifting

So you’ve matched with someone really nice on Tinder or Bumble and are ready to meet for drinks. Bravo! While you might be too caught up in preparing for your first meeting, don’t forget to buy a little something for your date. After all, this is the holiday season and everyone looks forward to some gifts. Also, try and pick something that the other person has no choice but to accept (and appreciate!). For example, a small piece of real jewelry or a costly bottle of wine. This will give them the message that you wish to continue dating for at least a while.


  • Wear the right outfit

Its holiday season and everything is festive, including fashion. If you’re going on a date, first or second or 50th, choose something a little glittery and formal. At the same time, keep it conservative, especially if it’s your first date. For those who aren’t sure if they could carry off something too glamorous, it is best to choose a classy and timeless ensemble, such as a well-fitted red or black dress with a matching jacket. Men should stick to blazers and cardigans, depending on the type of date planned.

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  • Start new Christmas/holiday traditions

Starting new holiday traditions with your partner is a brilliant way to strengthen the relationship. And you don’t need to do anything too elaborate; even the simplest of things could be really meaningful.

For instance, you could decide to buy and decorate a Christmas tree together or prepare a hearty Christmas meal over a bottle of wine and some soothing music. The idea is to have your own unique holiday tradition, something that defines you as a couple.

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  • Invite them to a party thrown by close friends or family

If you’ve just met someone and seem to be growing very fond of them, then a great way to express this is to invite them to a Christmas or holiday party. But only do so if you are sure that you would be able to pay adequate attention to them at the gathering. After all, you don’t want him/her hanging along in a corner while you are sucked into the crowd of family and/or friends. And if a new dating partner invites you to their family party, don’t forget to carry an expensive wine bottle and flowers for their mother.

Also, for people who are single, don’t avoid attending holiday parties for the simple reason that you might find someone interesting right there!

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  • Be wary of scammers

Although the holiday season is a time to make merry and shower love on everyone you meet, it is also the time when scammers are on a wild goose chase. If you’re finding dates online, look out for some obvious signs indicating deceit. For instance, asking for cash or gifts is clearly the language of a scammer.



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