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Catch a Cheater - How to Catch a Cheater Quick Guide

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How to Catch a Cheater by Using Online Tools and Apps

Here are some Quick and Easy Ways to Catch a Cheater! 

Finding out that the person you are with is cheating on you is devastating for anyone, especially if you fell in love with them. What is equally bad is being cheated on without even knowing it - something that is very common these days. If you are in a relationship and suspect that you SO is doing something they shouldn't, you owe it to yourself to find out, before you get even more emotionally invested in the relationship.

Best Tools to Catch a Cheater

In order to catch a cheater, you need to be willing to be sneakier than they are and get into their personal information. It doesn't feel good, but it's no worse than having to live with the suspicion that someone is cheating on you. So, if you want to catch a cheater, this is what you should do:

how to catch a cheater
1. Follow the paper trail

Try to get your hands on your partner's phone bill, and search for any patterns that may suggest they are cheating on you. Look for phone numbers that pop up often, late-night calls, phone numbers they text a lot and any other information that appears several times on the bill.

2. Fill in the gaps with an online background check

Once you have phone numbers you suspect may belong to your partner's lover, you can do a deep web search on the people they belong to. By using GoLookUp's reverse phone number lookup, people search or background check, you can get all the information you need about the person your partner contacts often. The public records search on the website allows you to get a full report on the person the number belongs to, including their social media info - where you can see their photos and activities.

how to catch a cheater
3. notice behavior changes

One of the best tools to catch a cheater is to notice changes in their behavior. When people cheat, there are certain things they do that they can't help themselves from doing. Some of the most common signs of cheating is focusing more on appearance, changing the wardrobe, picking a fight for no reason, taking the phone everywhere, hiding the mouth and eyes when talking, giving gifts for no reason, and more. So, you need to notice how your partner behaves, and if there are changes that could indicate cheating.

4. Play the spy

In order to catch a cheater, you can also play the spy and use different apps to see what your partner is up to. Dr. fone, FaceTime, Spyera, Find My Kids and other spy apps can help you track down your boyfriend or girlfriend in real-time and see what they are up to. Many cheaters are sneaky enough to delete texts, photos and call logs from their phone so, if you want to catch a cheater red-handed, you may have to play the spy.

These tools to catch a cheater can help you find out if your partner is betraying their trust, but that means you will also have to break theirs. If you find out that your partner really is cheating on you and decide to confront them, you will have to be willing to admit how you found that out. It will be unpleasant, it may get massy but it will also liberate you from an unhealthy relationship, and that's more important than whether or not you used a spy app.

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