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How to Get Over an Ex

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Tips and Advice on How to Get Over a Breakup and an Ex

Ending a long lasting or a short, meaningful relationship can be very difficult, and a lot of people find themselves unable to get over a break up. Emotions run high, tears start coming down and our thought become engulfed around him or her – the ones that are out of our lives. So, what can be done about it? Can you learn how to get over someone? It won't be easy but yes - you can learn how to get over a guy or how to get over a girl by trying these helpful tips.

1. Don't fight the feelings
Most of us try to stop bad feeling after a breakup because they can be overwhelming, and no one wants to feel the deep sadness that follows a break up. However, if you don't confront your feelings, you'll end up needing more time to get over it. So, if you want to answer the question of how to get over an ex, the first and most important answer is to reflect on the break up and process your emotions in order to get over them.

2. Meet up with your best friends
This tip for getting over a break up is actually backed by scientists; Research found that hanging out with good friends reduces stress levels that are especially high after a break up, so you should spend more time with your BFF and your other friends after a breakup.

3. Wallow with some sad tunes
Listening to sad music after a breakup may sound strange but it's actually really good for you. Sad music can make you process your post-breakup grief and even promote positive emotions, so it's a win-win.

4. Think about the upside of a breakup
It's hard to see the upside of a breakup right after it happens, but it's also important to remember why you and your partner broke up in the first place. Getting over an ex means remembering what went wrong in order to except what happened. Think about all your arguments, all the things you could never agree on and all the things that annoyed you about your partner. Don't be afraid to be petty as hell – it will only help you when getting over someone.

5. Try new things
The time after a break up is a great opportunity to try new things that will make you feel better and enjoy new experiences. Go on a trip, sign up for a class that interests you, try a new workout or just do something that you've always wanted to try. You'll be amazed at the effects that trying out new things will have on you, the best one being getting over a break up.

Learning how to get over someone you love is no easy task but if you give yourself permission to process your emotions, grief and do things that make you feel better, you'll get over it faster than you thought.


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