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How to Make a Great Dating Profile

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Tips on How to Make an Appealing Online Dating Profile
So, you are ready to take the plunge? The online dating plunge, that is, and sign up with a few dating websites and apps. If you are wondering just how to build your profile to help you get the most out of your experience, you’re at the right place. We have put together a list of dos and don’ts when making your profile that will make you look a whole lot more interesting and attractive than a dull profile would. Putting the real you in a good light will increase your chances of not only attracting more matches but also meeting people with similar interests as you.

What not to do when making an online dating profile:

- Make it dull: One picture, your name, age, height, and profession do not make a great dating profile. Don’t make your dating profile like a job resume; that is no fun.

- Old pictures: Old pictures don’t show the real you. If you do happen to find a match and you look different from you picture when you meet, it could be a turn off for your date who might see this as a form of deceit.

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- False information: Now, this should be an obvious no-no. If you are serious about meeting people to date or even get into a relationship with, then you need to have correct information about yourself on your profile. And make sure to have your own picture up and not that of some supermodel.

- List of dislikes: Nothing puts off a potential date more than a negative profile. If you insist on putting up all the things you dislike in the hopes of weeding out certain people, you could very likely alienate a lot more people than you want to. Saying that you don’t like crowded nightclubs or that you only date tall guys/girls could make you come across as boring and even arrogant.

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What you should put on your dating profile:

- Pretty it up: Share as much information about yourself as you can but make it fun and lighthearted. You can say something like you’re a blonde, 24, with a passion for painting and ice cream. Or a guy could say, 6.2, finance consultant and I love my dog. In this way, you are putting it out there that there is a fun side to you and you will be easy to get along with.

- Lots of pictures: The more pictures you have up, the more interesting your profile becomes. Pictures of you doing different things- holiday pictures, the formal work look, and the dressed up for an evening out look all show different sides of you. Your pictures tell a story of who you are as a person and make you more interesting to potential dates.

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- Honest information: Be honest with all the details you put in your profile. If you have a disability, flaunt it; let the people who are going to like you the way you are, connect with you. If you are a single parent, wear it like a badge of honor; parenting is not an easy job and anyone who can appreciate your strength would be great to meet. Remember to regularly update your pictures and information on your profile so that those you match with know what to expect when they meet you.

- Be positive: You can be specific about the type of match you are looking for without putting down what you don’t want. If you are looking for someone of a particular race, profession or religion, you can put that in your profile with positive reasons as to why without belittling anyone else’s beliefs or race.

Try these tips when building a dating a profile and see both the quality and quantity of your matches improve.


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