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10 Loving Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

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Loving Things and Surprises to Do for Your Boyfriend

Being in a long-term relationship is great, but often couples find themselves in a rut they go though every day. Don't be mistaken, a routine, and especially one that makes you feel good, is awesome, but it's also awesome to switch things up a bit with your partner. If you want to surprise your boyfriend and step out of your couplehood routine every once in a while, these 10 cool ideas of things you can do for him that will make you both happy:

1. Run an errand he's been putting off
Life gets in the way of life sometimes, and we all have things on our plate that we put off. To put a smile on his face, run an important errand for your boyfriend, and you'll see the sheer joy on his face when he realizes you took a load of his mind.

2. Download shows he likes
If your boyfriend has a favorite show, or one that he's been dying to see, download it for him and surprise his screen-loving heart.

3. Leave him sassy notes
Romantic notes are always welcome, but if your really want to surprise your boyfriend, write him some naughty notes. Leave the notes in his pants' pockets, the bathroom or any other place he can find them during the day.

4. Wash his car
Whether you do it or take the car to a professional cleaning service, a sparkling car is one of the most loving things you can do for your boyfriend

5. Sign him up for a class
If your boyfriend has been talking about taking a class that interests him, you can sign him up for one and surprise him.

6. Say you love him with a jar
Well not really a jar, but a container filled with little notes that list all the reasons why you love your boyfriend.

7. Make a mutual playlist
Much like the beloved mix tapes of the early 90's, you can make an awesome playlist of songs both of you like and play it for your boyfriend.

8. Get him a surprise lunch
There's nothing like a hot lunch to put a smile on your face, and your boyfriend will love to get one at work, out of the blue.

9. Make him breakfast in bed
Still on the subject of food, you can also bring your boyfriend breakfast to bed with all his favorite treats (yes, even chicken nuggets).

10. Learn a new bedroom move
Shaking things up in the bedroom is one of the best things you can do for your boyfriend and yourself. So, pick up a book or any other source of information and learn a new and exciting sex move.

Surprises are life's best condiment, and with these 10 surprising and loving things, your boyfriend will be smiling from ear to ear, and the both of you will have a fun break from your your daily routine.

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