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Should I Run a Background Check on My Online Date?

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Should I Run a Criminal Background Check om My Date

40% of Americans today use online dating websites to meet their match or even meet new friends. It's incredible how the internet has made this available to all of us, and there are plenty of success stories of couples who met online and got married. However, the promise of everlasting romance doesn't come without a cost. Along with the online dating stories, there have also been people who were physically and mentally harmed by someone they met on the internet. These unfortunate stories raise an important question – should you run a background check on your date? Here is the answer.

Danger - Catfishers all around

The world of online dating and dating, in general, is made up of many types of people, and unfortunately, an increasingly more common kind is the 'catfish'. This popular term refers to people who present themselves in a completely false manner. The catfish will give out a false name, lie about their background and tell you whatever you want to hear to get you to meet them. Aside from the fact that you don't want to date liars, people who don't tell the truth on about themselves often have a sinister agenda in mind when they try to meet with you.

background check online dating

Cue the Background Check

Running a background check on your online dates can save you a lot of grief and even protect you from harm. Many people online who lie about themselves try to get people to meet them for everything other than a romantic connection:

1. Sexual exploitation
2. Financial fraud
3. Bodily Harm
4. Mental harm (mind games)

If want to avoid becoming a victim of online dating scammers, you owe it to yourself to run a background check on the people you speak with on dating sites or the ones you meet offline. A background check performed on a professional website can reveal information about a person's criminal past, their contact information, marital status, sexual offenses they have committed, changes in address and much more. GoLookUp can compile an accurate report about any person in the United States by scanning public records and providing you with the results.

background check online dating

All you need to do to get the background check report is provide a name/phone number/email address/physical address, and the website will do the rest. Thanks to a background check report, you can find out if the person you are speaking with on online or offline is lying to you, and avoid harm.


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