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9 Reasons Dating Has Changed Over the Years

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Reasons Dating Has Changed Over the Years in the World

Human evolution has been on the fast track over the past couple of hundred years regarding social development. The world's population is bigger, life moves at a fast pace, and we have tools at our disposal that our ancestors could never have imagined. One social aspect that has gone through plenty of transformations is the way we meet and connect with romantic partners. Dating is vastly different than it used to be, and these are 9 reasons to why that happened.

1. Technology
No surprises here. If in the past we had to leave our home to meet potential love interests, nowadays all we need is a screen, any screen. We log into a dating website or a dating app, and we can find exactly the type of person we're looking for.

2. Variety
The entire world is a smorgasbord of dating options, which is good, but also confusing. If in the past people couldn't reach areas outside their home to find dates, now we can travel and meet plenty of love interests, which makes people crave for something bigger and better to come along just around the corner.

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3. Delayed maturity
Let's face it – nowadays plenty of us refuse to grow up and settle down early, which is amazing for many reasons. Now we live longer than ever and have the option the play the field longer than in the past where people had to start families early on in life.

4. Sexual liberation
If in the past sex was something that you had to save for your spouse, that is not the case in the 21st century. Sexuality is no longer something to be ashamed of, but a way to explore our desires with partners before we settle down.

5. Social taboos
In the past, people not only had to get married early for the biological reason but for social reasons as well. There was an immense pressure in all cultures to marry at an early age and those who didn't be seen as damaged goods. That god those days have passed.

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6. Self-exploration
Nowadays a lot of people want to take time to explore life and themselves before they explore a potential mate, a privilege the people in the past didn't have.

7. Pickiness
The fact that we have a lot of options in the dating world works to our advantage, but it can also be our downfall. Now we can pick and choose the person we want to be with, which makes plenty of people picky and unwilling to settle even for the smallest things.

8. Self-preservation
Unfortunately, some people don't have the best of intentions when they want to meet us. Online dating has led to people getting hurt – both mentally and physically, by the people they dated. That's why many of us protect ourselves by merely avoiding dating. Luckily, a simple background check can help you find out what lies in the past of the person you want to meet and save you from getting hurt.

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9. Courtship
Once upon a time, about 100 years ago, you had to court a girl and only then date her. These days people are freer, and you can ask out pretty much anyone you want without even knowing them. They might not except your invitation, but you have a lot more liberty to ask people out compared to the past.

Dating has changed tremendously over the past decades, for the better and the worse, and one thing's for sure – we are living in fascinating times when it comes to finding love.


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