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Signs You are Dating a Drama Queen

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Signs that Show You Are Dating a Person who is a Drama Queen
Could you be dating a drama queen? It is not always easy to tell when you are right in the middle of the relationship but there are a few signs that could cue you in. If your relationship feels exhausting or somewhere at the back of your mind there’s always some apprehension about meeting your girl, she could be a drama queen. Here are a few signs to look out for to know for sure that you are dating a drama queen:

The fault finder: Is your girl always finding fault with you? Does she have a problem with the way you talk, the way you dress, and the people you hang out with? If she does and her behavior is constantly leading to arguments and fights, your girl could be a drama queen.

Worst case scenario: Does she always imagine the worst when something doesn’t quite go her way? If you’re at a restaurant and your order arrives before hers, does she make a scene and assume that the chef hates her or that this is the worst restaurant in the world? That is most definitely drama queen behavior.

Suspicious mind: Does she try to check your call history and read your messages to find out if you are cheating on her? Does she get suspicious every time you get a phone call or you talk to another girl? Frequent baseless accusations which result in fights are a sign that you are dating a drama queen.

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Control freak: If your girlfriend is constantly trying to run your life and make decisions for you, you just might have a drama queen on your hands. If she is the one to always decide where you go for your dates, which movie to watch or how you spend the weekend, that is classic drama queen behavior.

Short tempered: Do you feel like you are always walking on eggshells around her? Does the slightest of things like you coming home ten minutes late from work make her lose her temper? If you are always on your guard because you never know what will annoy and anger her, then your life is being run by a drama queen.

Bad company: Does she hate your friends and thinks that they are the worst people you could spend time with? Is she constantly making excuses not to go out with them or let you go out with them? If you sense that she is slowly destroying your social life so that you need to spend all your time only with her, we hate to tell you this but your lady is a drama queen.

Attention seeking: If you look closely at all the above signs, they all lead to gaining attention for herself. This is classic drama queen behavior. The number one reason why people act in this way is to gain attention. Scenes at home or tantrums in public places are all part of a routine to get noticed and be the center of attention.

signs of a drama queen
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We might have referred to ladies being drama queens in this article but men can be drama kings as well with all the same types of behaviors. So, ladies, if you find yourself in a similar scenario as described here, then you have a drama king on your hands.

Attention seeking behavior could stem from being emotionally unfulfilled and this problem runs deeper than what us mere mortals can handle on our own. Your significant other may need help changing this behavior because eventually, it will rip your relationship apart. If you truly love your drama partner and want to make it work, it’s time to sit down and have a serious talk.


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