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Signs You Might Have to Reconsider Your Relationship

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Whenever we meet someone we feel has the potential to be "the one", we try to make it work as hard as we can. Unfortunately, the feeling of deep love to someone is not enough to sustain a relationship for long periods of time, and sometimes it is better to just call it quits. The next 5 warning signs are more like a blaring light that is used as a warning, and if you recognize any of them in your relationship, maybe it is time to reconsider your future together.

1. Constant Fighting – no couple goes without fighting, that's for sure, but there is a big difference between the occasional disagreement, and a constant battle between the couple. If you find that you disagree with your partner more than you agree with them and vice versa, it's a major warning sign that the relationship is not right for you. Sometimes constant fighting comes from deep seeded anger, and if that is the case, maybe you should think why you are angry with your partner and unable to forgive them. Constant fighting is usually a sign of two different minds, and you should consider whether you want to spend more time with someone that is not right for you.


2. Inability to trust one another – love is definitely one of the founding stones of any relationship, but without trust, it is not worth much. Ask yourself the important question "do I trust my boyfriend/girlfriend?" and answer it honestly. If you find that every time your partner goes out you're not sure what their up to, if you have an urge to check their phone, or if your partner feels the same way about you - the trust issues won't just go away. If you have reason to be suspicios, maybe you should move on before committing to a life of uncertainty, or maybe you should find out why you have trust issues that might impact other relationships.

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3. Shady behavior – does your partner suddenly need to work long hours? Does he go into the other room to talk on the phone? Is he acting shady in any way? These scenarios happen a lot in relationships, and they are not always indicative of cheating. Sometimes people behave strangely because they no longer want to be in a relationship, or they want to exclude their partners from large parts of their lives. Either way, unless you want to run a background check on your partner to make sure they are not doing anything illegal, maybe it's time to sign off on the relationship. Strange behavior never comes out of the blue, and if your partner won't tell you what's going on, you should move on.


4. Lack of communication – talking is one of the most important things in relationships, as it helps to establish a bond with the other side, and also get to know them better. Most couples have deep conversations at the beginning of relationships, and it's only natural that they subside over time. With that being said, there is nothing natural about a complete lack of communication between a couple, and having to force your partner to talk to you. This only gets worse with time, and you should not bury your head in the sand and hope for things to get better. If your partner isn't communicating with you, how will you share a life? How will you solve your problems? Think about that before you continue with a silent relationship.

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5. Unhappiness – this is a major sign that there is something wrong with your relationship. Not every day should be filled with heart emojis and the feeling of fireworks, but you should at least be happy to see your partner at the end of the day. If you don't or if you feel that you are not happy with the person you are with, consider leaving them - for your sake and theirs.




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