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How to Tell if a Dating Profile is Fake

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How to Spot Fake Online Dating Profiles and Avoid Catfishing

Online dating has become one of the most popular ways to meet potential love interests in practically every corner in America and the world. Free online dating websites have gained many users, and while paid for online dating websites are considered to be safer, you still run the risk of being lied to or catfished.

Just to make things a bit clearer, 53% of all online dating profiles have false information on them, from little ones, like the user's height, to major ones, like their entire identity, so if you want to avoid fake profiles, these are the things you need to notice in online dating sites:

1. Look out for suspicious signs
Fake online dating profiles have some things in common that you can spot right away - if you are on the lookout for them:

  • Inconsistent/Contradictory information – some online dating liars tell so many lies that they don't always remember all of them, so beware of any inconsistencies of the stories people tell you.
  • Refusal to video chat/meet in person – if someone keeps giving you excuses as to why they can't meet up, or if they won't even video chat – it's a definite fake online dating profile red flag.
  • Unusual requests – if someone steers the conversation to sex more often than not, asks to borrow money from you or has any other strange request, it may be a fake profile.
  • Won't reveal details about their personal life – the purpose of online dating it to eventually get to know one another, so if someone is being evasive about their work, family or other personal details, it's another red flag.
2. Search for these before starting a conversation
All the red flags listed above can tell you if the person you are speaking with on an online dating website is lying to you, but these next few signs can help you spot fakers even before you start a conversation:
  • Very little information on their profile – if you only see a photo and basic details on the profile – it's probably fake
  • The account is brand new
  • Very few photos/one photo
  • Low quality photos/airbrushed photos
  • Location is outside the US (there are plenty online dating scammers working on a global scale)
3. Conduct a people search
One of the best ways to discover if an online dating profile is a fake one is to get accurate information about the person supposedly behind it. with GoLookUp's people search, reverse phone lookup, reverse address lookup and all the other tools at your disposal, you can find out if someone is lying to you. By entering the name, address or phone number of the people you are speaking with on online dating sites, you can find information based on public records, including their picture, real name, contact info and more.  

Online dating is supposed to help people find potential partners, or at the very least friends, but it can be tricky with all the fake profiles around. By searching for some red flags that most fake online profiles have in common, you will be able to save time and most importantly – avoid grief and harm.


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