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How to Tell Your Partner You Have an STD

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How to Tell Your Current Sexual Partner You Have an STD

Going to the doctor for a routine check up is nerve wrecking on its own, and when you have to go because you suspect you have an STI, the tension gets bigger tenfold. After all the testing, a lot of people discover that they do have a STD that was transmitted to them, and along with the treatment, they are advised to tell their current sexual partners they have been exposed to the STD. Telling your partner you have an STD is more nerve wrecking than any test, and you have to make sure you do it right:

First of all, get all the information you can

There are different types of STDs that affect millions of people all over America every day, and you need to make sure you have all the information about the STD you have. Dr. google can be helpful with getting the information about different STDs, but you should ask your own doctor to give you info that you can pass on to your partner. They will have a lot of questions, so you should have the information to answer them in the best way possible, even if it's difficult.

Letting them know

After you have the necessary information about your STD, comes the hard part of telling your partner he or she may have it too. Start by setting a get together with just the two of you at your home or any other neutral place where they feel comfortable.

Once you meet, sit them down and tell them you have something difficult to tell them and make sure they know you care about them. Then, sit down beside you partner and tell him or her that you had some tests done that revealed you have an STI. At this point many people get confused, angry and some even suspect infidelity. You should be prepared to encounter some harsh reactions and be patient when you do.

Let your partner know that you told them as soon as you found out so they could get tested to and get treatment, if necessary. You should prepare for a difficult conversation, but an important one that will help your partner get the treatment they need.

And don't forget the past

Having an STD in the present means they you may have been carrying it without even knowing. That why it’s very important to let your past sexual partners know about it, so they can get tested as well. Call them to let them know, and if they don't pick up, send them a respectful text. If you don't have their current contact information, use GoLookUp's reverse phone number lookup or people search engine to look for them. The longer you wait the more people can be infected, so start telling your past partners as soon as you find out you have an STD.


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