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7 tips for getting over a breakup

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Helpful Tips for Getting Over a Breakup and Breakup Tips

Breakups – probably one of the worst experiences as adults, can turn any one of us into a blubbering mass. The time after a breakup is the hardest part of the end of relationships, and it's important to know how to get over them. These 7 helpful tips for getting over a breakup can help you pick up the pieces until you are ready to move on, so you should keep them in mind if you or someone you know are getting over a split.

1. Keep them out of site
One of the worst things after a breakup is having constant reminders of your ex lying around. If you want to get over a breakup, clear your ex's stuff from your environment – both virtual and real. Delete them from your social media accounts and don't cyber stock them – it will only make things worse.

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2. Don't bad mouth them
If you and your ex split on bad terms, you can indulge in telling it to your friends, but know where to draw the line. Telling yourself and your friends how lousy your ex was over and over again will do you more harm than good, so avoid it as much as possible.

3. Rely on friends
Whether you want to get drunk or sob about the breakup, call up your friends. Being alone during the emotional turmoil after a breakup is bad for you, so call your friends and meet up with them. Have a support system around after a breakup so you won't feel alone or be tempted to do something stupid, like call your ex.

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4. Get outside
Being cooped up in your home after a breakup is no way to get over it. Instead, go outside, take a walk and breathe in some fresh air. It will do wonders for you and help you clear your mind in a healthy, natural way.

5. Have a bedtime routine
Sleepless nights are also a part of breaking up, and they only make things worse by causing you to be tired, irritable and sensitive. To avoid that, turn off all screens a half an hour before you go to sleep and set your alarm to the same time every morning to establish a healthy bedtime routine and good sleeping patterns.

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6. Turn on the waterworks
If you need to cry from time to time after a breakup, do it. Let yourself feel the pain and process things instead of bottling your feelings and exploding at unexpected times.

7. Write your ex letters and never send them
When you feel like you want to call your ex or contact them in any way, take a pen and a piece of paper and write down everything you want to say without sending it. This will help you say what you want without the risk of getting hurt when you are trying to get over a breakup.


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