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What Men and Women Should and Shouldn't Wear on Their First Date?

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What Men and Women Should and Shouldn't Wear on Their First Date?

Your clothes are the first thing your date will notice about you. Nobody wants to be out on a date with someone who wears gaudy, unsuitable clothes. If you are interested in dating somebody, you have to take care of your physical attractiveness, and good clothes are a good way to step it up. The right clothing makes one feel confident and charming and helps them create a positive impression.

But how do you decide what you should and shouldn't wear on your first date? This can be a tricky situation for both men and women. But don't worry, you can follow the tips below to dress up appealingly for your first date:


For Men

You shouldn't wear a t-shirt because it would a thorough understatement for a date. Instead, you should stick to a button-up shirt because it looks neat and presentable.

Keep stiff blazer and cotton cardigan off the list and instead go for a cool, sporty jacket. It would make you look masculine, which is all you need for creating the right impression.

Avoid trousers or khakis and stick to good old denim because they are comfortable, relaxed, and have a sex appeal. A pair of solid, dark denim would be a great choice.

Go for boots instead of sneakers because it looks manlier. You can go for a posh design but it should be more formal than kicks.

Replace your gaudy watch with a sleek, stainless steel that will lend you a classic look. It puts you in good taste and shows how you value time.

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For Women

You should certainly avoid wearing skimpy dresses that seem more revealing than decent. Your comfort matters the most. So you should wear something that focuses on your physique's strong points. Glittery dresses are also something that guys simply don't find appealing at all.

Heavy makeup is something you should avoid if you don't want to disappoint your man. Instead of wearing a dark red lipstick, stick to something mild so that your natural beauty surfaces out.

High heels are cool but not if you can't walk in them. You should, instead, go for nice flats that are comfortable and stylish. At the same time, sneakers would give off a too tomboyish or casual impression.

You should go for off-shoulder dresses instead of turtlenecks because they look more feminine. It should be a good way to show some skin.

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