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Why is 'Cushioning' So Wrong?

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'Cushioning' is the Latest Trend in The World Of Dating.

As the online world grows, so do the reasons why people don't want to date.   The latest trending term, new to the world of dating is 'cushioning' and it's a twisted way for dishonest and insecure partners to protect their ego.  'Cushioning' is defined by someone sending flirtatious messages with the intent of keeping the 'flirtee' interested without actually committing.  If their current relationship doesn’t go to plan then the cushioner can always seek comfort in the flirtee or the 'cushion'.  It's a cruel backup plan that allows the partner guilty of the cushioning to have access to a Plan B (as well as a Plan C, a Plan D and so on).   

In an ideal world, we would all be avoiding cushioners like the plague.  However, their charming and flirtatious ways lead many of us into the trap before we even realize what's going on.  But have no fear!  We're here to help you avoid these situations altogether.

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First of all, in order to be equipped with exactly how to identify a cushioner, be aware of mixed signals.  Dating can send your imagination into overdrive, allowing you to create a thousand and one excuses for these mixed signals that you're receiving.  Unfortunately, the reality is simple.  When the cushioner is having problems with their other half, that's when they're at their most flirtatious and engaging.  All other times they keep you at bay with simple one-word answers.   

Secondly, be extra aware if your significant other half is hiding something.  If their phone is always with them, they obsessively log out of their social media accounts or just behave in an evasive way when you try and meet up, the chances are that they're with their current partner instead of you.

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Lastly but by no means least, it's easy to conduct a background search that does all the hard work for you.  If their relatives are people that you have never heard of then the chances are that they're probably married.  A background search can also help you to come into contact with social media profiles that you've never seen or heard of, that they could be using to groom other cushions that have no idea what a cushioner is capable of.  It will also be easy to see if the information in the stories they told you add up such as their address, their assets and what they do for a living.

Let's be clear.  This form of behavior is cheating.  Engaging in flirtatious behavior with people other than your significant other half is dishonest and hurtful in many ways.  Cushioning is one of the sadder dating trends that seems to have taken the world be storm and we should all steer clear.  So, remember to take our advice and keep your wits about you when chatting to your latest crush. 



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