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10 Best Magicians of All Times

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10 Best Magicians of All Times

The feats of illusion we enjoy today are the fruits of labor of highly creative individuals who never hesitated to push the boundaries of magic further. Here is a list of 10 such preeminent magicians who shaped the world of magic:

  • Erik Weisz

If you don’t know Erik Weisz, then you can’t call yourself a true lover of magic. Going by the stage name ‘Harry Houdini’, Weisz was one of the greatest magicians alive in the late 1800s. He is most well-known for his spectacular escape acts and public stunts.

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  • Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin

If we’re talking about Houdini, we need to talk about the man who inspired him to take up magic. Robert-Houdin is best known as the ‘Father of Modern Style Conjuring’. He was also renowned for being a great mind reader.

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  • Harry August Jansen

Better known as ‘Dante the Magician’, Jansen would perform across the world with a traveling troupe. His contribution to magic is so great, experts believe that his death brought about the end of the Golden Age of Magic.

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  • David Blaine

Street close-up magic being his forte, Blaine is renowned for his eccentric antics. In his career, Blaine has been buried alive for a week, has had one million volts of electricity discharged through his body, spun in a gyroscope for 16 hours and has done other crazy stunts.


  • Ning Cai

The only woman on this list isn’t just a great magician, she’s also one of most courageous. Going by the name Magic Babe Ning, Cai is known for playing with fire, swords, handcuffs and a whole host of dangerous magic ensembles.

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  • Ricky Jay

A master of sleight of hand, Jay is the go-to person for anyone wanting to specialize in card tricks. He’s also done plenty of death-defying stunts and public illusions in his long 50-year career.


  • Harry Blackstone Sr.

One of the scariest magic tricks out there is that of sawing a woman in half. This particularly nasty (and ingenious) trick was developed and popularized by Blackstone Sr., making him a legend in the trade.

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  • Steven Frayne

From walking on water to levitating, Frayne, better known as ‘Dynamo’ has captured the hearts of millions around the world for his logic-defying tricks. He is also a wizard at cards.


  • David Copperfield

With 11 Guinness World Records to his name, Copperfield is one of the greatest and most inspiring names in the field of magic. He is a renowned illusionist and storyteller.


  • Christopher Sarantakos

Better known as ‘Chris Angel’, Sarantakos is renowned for attempting extremely dangerous stunts and tricks in public and in full view of the cameras. He was also the recipient of the Merlin Magician, twice.


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