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5 Love Crimes that Will Always be Remembered

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Ahhh, passion… that old warm feeling that goes from the top of the head to the tips of the toes, and makes us desire the person that caused it. unfortunately, that passionate heat sometimes sets other people on fire, and these 5 infamous love crimes show how hard it can burn.

1. Marry Jo Buttafuoco's Shot in the Face
It was a classic story of boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy has affair with much younger girl that ends up shooting his wife in the face. After her car was wrecked, 17-year-old Amy Fisher went into Joey Buttafuoco's body shop to fix it, and the much older Buttafuoco struck up an affair with her. After Joey decided to end the affair, the angry Fisher showed up at his house and told his wife her husband was sleeping with her 16 year-old-sister. The shocked Mary Jo told Amy to leave, but instead she went into the house and shot her in the face. Somehow Mary Joe survived the attack with paralysis to one side of her face and loss of hearing, and Amy was sentenced to seven years for first-degree murder attempt. Joey got off with six months in prison for statuary rape charges.

Marry and Joey Buttafuco

2. Lisa Nowak's Cross-Country Stalking
This is definitely one of the strangest love crimes of the 21st that involved a highly respected professional – an astronaut. In 2007, Lisa Nowak suspected that a woman was fooling around with her love interest, which led to a crazy cross-country journey. The Jealous Nowak packed a bag with latex gloves, plastic bags, a disguise, a drilling hammer and a knife and drove with it to Orlando. In Orlando, Lisa attacked Colleen Shipman, the alleged mistress, in a parking lot, but luckily police were there to contain her. After two years of active investigations, Lisa finally pleaded guilty to the attack and got one year's probation for it.

Lisa Nowak

3. Martha Freeman's Closet Case
After getting into an argument with her husband in 2004, Martha Freeman went to a party where she met the Mexican immigrant and future lover - Rafael DeJesus Rocha-Perez. During the following month, Rocha-Perez would sneak into Martha and her Husband - Jeffery's, house where he slept in the closet. When Jeffery found out about the lovers' strange sleeping arrangement, he demanded that they end the affair. This led to Martha and Rafael bludgeoning Jeffery to death, a love crime for which Martha got life in prison.

Rafael DeJesus Rocha-Perez and Martha Freeman

4. Philip Barton Key's Political Murderer
This one is an oldy, but it set a president that led to some love crimes being deemed as acts of insanity. Back in 1859, U.S congressman and Union General, Daniel Sickles, suspected that Philip Barton Key was having an affair with his wife, and shot and killed him in response at Lafayette Park near the White House. Sickles said that he was driven to the act by insanity caused by the affair, and the jury acquitted him from his crime.

a drawing of Philip Barton Key, Daniel Sickles and his wife

5. John Wayne Bobbitt's Unscheduled Circumcision
This is probably one of the most famous love crimes which involved a knife and a traumatized wife. On June 23rd, 1993, Lorena Bobbit was raped by her husband, John, and after he fell asleep, she decided enough is enough. Lorena went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and cut an inch off of John's manhood. She then left the house, drove away and tossed the partial member on the side of the road. The resourceful Bobbitt notified authorities about what she had done, and John even got his inch re-attached. Lorena was acquitted due to the sexual abuse she suffered from John's hand, and moved on with her life in a quiet manner.

John Bobbit


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