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5 Tips How to Study Better for Tests

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5 Tips How to Study Better for Tests

As a student, all you have to do is study and pass your tests and exams. But we all know this is easier said than done. Studying takes commitment and hard work, and it is a known fact that cramming up terms and concepts into your brain the night before a test, with your body running on coffee and Red Bull, will not do you any good.

So here are 5 effective and practical studying tips anyone can follow to study better for tests.
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  1. Don’t leave everything for the night before

You have heard this advice a thousand times before, but we will tell you again. Why? Because it actually works. Procrastinating is a bad habit that every one of us indulges in, but you’d be smart to have some self-control and get in the habit of studying for at least an hour daily. Even if you can’t do this, try to start studying a few weeks before your test or exam. The best way to go about this is to make a study timetable and stick to it. The earlier you start, the more time you will have for revision.

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  1. Have a neat and organized study space

Having a study space dedicated only to your studies and absolutely free of any distractions is extremely important. You need to have enough space to spread out your textbooks and notes, and all other study materials you may need. If possible, have a comfortable study chair. It can work wonders for you and prevent any kind of neck or back pain from the hours of sitting and studying. Make sure that you have enough light.

Find out what kind of studying environment works best for you. Some people can study better in silence, while soothing background music helps others to concentrate. Whatever your preferences are, remember that all that matters is that you can focus well.


  1. Make notes and use diagrams/flow charts

Short notes and crucial points presented in diagrams or flowcharts can be extremely helpful during revisions. It helps you to go through all important materials without having to go through the whole textbook again.

So, when you start studying, jot down everything you need to know in brief points. Remember to include keywords and write them in such a way that will be easy to understand. A few days before the test, you can condense all your notes in easy-to-understand flow charts and diagrams.

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  1. Teach or explain to others

It is often said the best way to learn is to teach. So, if you want to really understand and remember what you have to study, teaching someone else could do you tons of good. Is there anyone in the class who would love to have some help from you for the test? Volunteer to teach. Or you could explain your concepts and other study materials to your parents or siblings. Teaching others could also make you realize which parts you need to work more on.

You could even form a study group with your friends and classmates. But remember that while some people thrive in group studies, some people find it easier to study alone.

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  1. Remember to take breaks

Understand that working too long on anything without breaks in between can actually result in a performance decrease, rather than increase. So, remember to take breaks regularly while studying, especially if you are feeling like you are stuck or feeling frustrated.

But during your break, make sure that you do not spend time on your phone or laptop, as these will only distract you. It’s best to go out for a walk, talk to someone or get some snacks.



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