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Signs Your Friend is in an Abusive Relationship

by Rachel Greene

Abusive Relationship Signs, Abusive Relationships

Signs Your Friend is in an Abusive Relationship

Sadly, the partner who is abusing walks around with more confidence than the abused. Men and women are not forthcoming about toxic relationships, emotional, and physical abuse. Comparatively, it is easier for women to express their trauma, men find it harder to open up. An abusive relationship is toxic and siphons all the happiness and positivity. If you fear that your friend is in an abusive relationship, before you jump into conclusions, look for these signs to be sure.

abusive relationship signs

Signs your friend is in an abusive relationship

ï       You meet strangers more often than you catch up with them: A friend who is in an abusive relationship is not permitted to spend time with others. Even when they do come out without the partner, they receive constant texts and calls asking them to come back home. You know something is amiss when your friend barely spends time with you.

ï       Physically, you don’t recognize your friend anymore: Abusive partners exercise control over how a person dresses. Women, in particular, love to experiment with their looks. But, a classic warning sign is when your friend starts to dress differently. There is definitely a problem when the friend seems uncomfortable in their new avatar, but still persists in dressing the same way. If a person willingly changes their appearance, the same is clear by the ease with which they carry off the new look. Forcibly changing someone’s appearance makes them awkward.

ï       Turning into a recluse: Your buddy, who you relied on to show you a good time, now cancels all plans to stay at home. How can a social butterfly turn into a recluse? It is a sure sign of abuse. No more girl’s night out or poker nights, she/he are always tagging along with their partner. Even when they do occasionally step out, they seem worried or tired.

ï       Starts to appear emotionally fragile and insecure: An abuser targets the victim's self-esteem. They constantly badger their partner with nasty comments and never appreciate anything. Such negativity reflects in the victim's mannerism. Your friend is easily startled and never seems at ease. Physical abuse carries signs of bruising; emotional abuse changes the personality.

ï       Victims in an abusive relationship become evasive: Every time you bring up the topic of the partner and your friend evades questions, you know something is wrong. If you pester them to give answers, be ready to hear superficial comments. Your friend fears that if he/she has a conversation about the partner, the latter will either psychologically manipulate them into distancing you or hurt them further.

ï       Your friend’s partner makes you uncomfortable: When you meet your friend’s partner, you sense something wrong but can’t put a finger on it. It’s not that they say something nasty about you but just being around him/her makes you feel uneasy. Don’t let a hunch conclude that the partner is abusive; look for controlling signs. Even if you do notice any small amount of abuse, don’t be vocal about it in front of the partner.

ï       His/her priority becomes the partner: Making your partner a priority is organic when you are in a relationship, but when the other person demands all of your time, it is a form of abuse. If you notice your friend putting their partner’s need before them, they might be doing it forcefully.

Should you notice these signs, approach the friend gently. Speak with a tone of compassion and assure them that you're their safe haven. There are chances that your friend will dismiss the advances, but try till you get the point across. At the same time, don’t push your friend so far away that you lose contact.

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