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Apple Requires New Privacy Change from App Developers

by Michael E.

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Apple is to Require Privacy Policy on all Apps!

Starting October 3rd, Apple will require all app developers to include an important private policy  to explain in details what they will do the user’s data and information.

Apple’s new policy has been announced last week during Apple’s company developer forum. The new policy will affect all Apps and will also govern apps which are int testing mode. App developers will only be able to edit the policy with new version of their app. This will require all apple apps developers to update their app version!

Details remain vague, and Apple does not say exactly what part the privacy policy is a must. Apple offers a ‘best practice’ outline and a list of required points for the privacy policy on their new version apps.

An interesting point is that now app developers will have to share this privacy policy with third party providers they work with.

This does not solve the issue of privacy issues that has been on the rise in the United States since the equifax security breach in 2017, but its a step towards better privacy for app users.

People are now concerned about their information shared with big corporations such as Apple and Facebook!

California has recently pass a privacy legislation which will be in affect in 2020. The legislation states that California residents will have the ability to view the data that companies hold on them and request for that data to be deleted and not be sold to third parties. This is similar to Europes GDPR privacy legislation which has already gone into affect. Any company which holds data on more then 50,000 people will be subject to this law and will carry a violation of $7,500 in fine.


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