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Chicago Background Check and Information about Chicago

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Chicago Background Check and Information about Chicago

Information and Background Check for Chicago, United States!

Located in the state of Illinois, Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States, with a population of 2,716,450 residents. If you are searching for information about a particular person in the windy city, you can use GoLookUp and all the tools it offers its users. A people search, a reverse phone number lookup, and email lookup and a reverse address lookup can all reveal valuable information about any person's criminal past.

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Chicago -  a photo of Chicago

Chicago History

The historic city of Chicago played a major role in the country's economic development as it was one of the most important Midwest metropolises. In the late 17th century, fur traders, missionaries and explorers came to Chicago and the first settler in it was Jean Baptiste Point du Sable. du Sable built a farm in the city in 1780's, left Chicago in 1800 and was honored for being a pioneer in 1968.

Chicago Demographics in Numbers

The population in Chicago is made up of 72% non-Hispanics and 28% Hispanics, and in 2000, 21.7% of the population were not born in the country. As of 2018, there are 1,061,928 households in Chicago with an average income of $66,020. The most in demand job in city with the 312-area code is Data Scientist.

weather Chicago - an old map of Chicago

Things to Do in Chicago

Aside from its famous deep-dish pizza, Chicago is also known for having great Greek food in the restaurants spread across the city. Along with the food, the main attractions in the windy city include the 360 Chicago Observation Deck, a gangster bus tour, museums, dinner cruises and tours that take you to the city's historic monuments. If you go to Chicago, also make sure to go to some games of the city's most famous teams, such as the bears, the cubs, the Blackhawks and many more.

Chicago Food

What hasn't been said about the culinary richness of Chicago? The windy city is famous for its trendy and high-class restaurants as was as amazing street food you can't get enough of. Among the famous eateries in Chicago, make sure not to skip The Publican, The Violet Bar, Alinea, Lou Malnati's ddep dish pizza, Superdawg Drive-In, Gibson's Bar and Steakhouse, Kuma's Corner, Lula Café, Smak-Tak, Honey Butter Fried Chicken, The Berghoff and any other place your stomach draws you to.

things to do in Chicago - a deep dish pizza

Chicago Weather

Chicago is called 'The Windy City' for a good reason; during the winter, temperatures in Chicago drop to about 21°F below zero and snow piles up in the streets. The seasons in Chicago are very distinct, and each of them is represented with typical weather. The city can get pretty humid in the summer, so be advised to pack your shorts if you get to Chicago during the hot months. Despite the humidity, the weather in Chicago during the spring and summer is very pleasant and friendly to visitors. If you like chilly weather, don't miss the cold autumn and winter in the city when everything is covered with a majestic snowy-white coat.

Celebs Living in Chicago

Chicago is home to many celebs with Oprah being the most well-known of the bunch. Mega-hit writer and creator, Shonda Rhimes Grey's Anatomy, Scandal) also calls Chicago home, along with Harrison Ford, Vince Vaughn, Bill Clinton, Bill Murray, Sherri Shepherd, Jesse Williams and more.


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