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Houston Background Check and Information about Houston

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Houston Background Check and Information about Houston

Information and Background Check for Houston Texas, United States

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Houston History

The city of Huston was named after General Sam Houston, and it became the capital of Texas after the state got its independence from Mexico in 1836. The capital was later moved to Austin and remained there to this day. The name of the city was the first word uttered in the moon landing and many streets in Houston are named after WW1 veterans. The city is known as the country's third most humid city, but unfortunately, the first air conditioner wasn't installed in Houston until 1922.

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Higher Education in Houston

Houston is home to several noted higher education institutions. Houston has four notable state universities, the most prominent of which is the University of Houston. The university is a tier one research university with over 44,000 students that enjoy a 667-acre campus in Houston's southeast region. The University of Houston–Clear Lake, Texas Southern University and the University of Houston–Downtown are also noted institutions that along with other higher education establishments bring in $1.1 billion a year. There are also three community college districts in Houston and around it, and the Houston Community College System serves most of the students in these districts.

Texas Medical Center in Houston

Houston is home the Texas Medical Center – a world renowned center which contains the largest concentration of research and healthcare institutions. These institutions, 47 in total, are all non-profit organizations that provide education, preventive and patient care and conduct extensive medical research. The Texas Medical Center employs over 73,600 people and it holds 13 hospitals! The renowned center also has two medical schools, dentistry schools, four nursing schools, two specialty schools, a pharmacy and other healthcare institutions.

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Houston Demographics in Numbers

Houston is one of the most ethnically and racially diverse cities in the US and it has a population density of approximately 3,662 people per square mile. As of 2018, there are 50.5% whites in the city of Texas, 23.7% African Americans, 6% Asians, 0.7% Native Americans, 3.3% people of two or more races and 15.2% people of other races.

Things to Do in Houston

the Nasa Space Center is always recommended for a visit that will give you a peek into the world's most advanced space center. The Museum of Fine Arts, Lillie and Hugh Roy Cullen Sculpture Garden and the Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens also make for a great visit, along with local breweries, the Children's Museum of Houston and the world-famous Alley Theatre.

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Celebs Living in Houston

Houston celebs like to shy away from the spotlight, and the bug Texas city is perfect for that end. Houston celebs include Danny Amendola (NFL player), Chamillionaire, Laura Wilkinson, Lee Majors, George H. Bush and others.


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