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New York Background Check and Information about New York

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New York Background Check and Information about New York

Background Check and Other Related Information for New York!

The number one most populated city in the US has earned its nickname – The Big Apple, for a very good reason. It seems that people all over America and the world want to take a bite of the apple, which explains the estimated 8,622,698 residents living in it.

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New York History

The Dutch first settled the city in 1609, buy it belonged to the native Americans who inhabited the Ares. The Dutch eventually purchased new York in 1626 who gave it the name Island of Manhattan. In 1664, the city was renamed by the English who gave it it's everlasting name – New York.

New York Culinary Scene

New York is famous for its many, many, many restaurants and eateries that you have to visit whenever you go to The Big Apple. For mouthwatering pizza, head out to Di Fara Pizza, to get your steak on – go to Peter Luger Steakhouse and don’t forget Red Rooster Harlem's chicken and waffles.

Other must-go-to places for all you hungry folks are La Esquina, Pyza, Dominique Ansel Bakery, The Halal Guys, Arepa Lady, Murray’s Cheese, Hometown Bar-B-Que, Veselka, Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, Bar Pitti, Glaser’s Bake Shop, Roberta’s Pizza and other. You can also enjoy culinary tours around the city with guides who will take you to all the best spots in the city and tell you a little bit about their history before you dig into your meal.

New York - pizza served on paper plates

New York Demographics in Numbers

The world-famous city is made up of 44.6% white population, 25.1% black people, the rest being Hispanics and people from other races.

The area codes in the city's cast territory include the 212, 315, 332 and other divided into counties.

 The average salary in NY city is 68,995 a year, with the attorney being the highest paying job in the city (Annual Base Salary: $124,676).

Things to Do in New York City

The city of New York has plenty of activities that will keep you busy for days on end. You can take day trips to the city's monuments, such as the Met Museum, the NYC One World Observatory, the Empire state building and many more. You can also take a culinary tour to all the great restaurants in the city enjoy day cruises and let off some steam in the city's nightclubs and hot spots.

New York city - New York at night

Celebs Living in New York

Aside from Hollywood, New York is another favorite celeb place to live in. Jerry Seinfeld, Woody Allen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tina Fey, Robert De Niro, Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal are just some of the celebs to have property in the desired and expensive city of New York.


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